Wednesday, January 19, 2011

me and my baby brooch

like my new scarf?  inspired by the infinity scarf over at luvinthemommyhood, only i halved the width.  i started it, forgot about it, and found it in a pile on the sewing table.  it just needed three buttons sewed on to finish it up.  poor sawyer's working on a tooth, so that hand is always in his mouth.  and the drool never stops.

i am linking this to a self portrait party over at little miss momma.  i would love to get a pic without the baby attached to me, but these days i'm not allowed to put him down.  ever tried to sew with a baby in your lap?  :)


mamareese23 said...

I wanna cuddle that sweet baby! :) My youngest will be two in a couple of weeks and it's all I can do to keep from going, "Where did time go?!!?!" Anyway, good job on the scarf... I have yet to get up the courage to make a scarf for me yet! By the time I do, winter will be over, LOL!

Lauranie said...

He is getting soooo big!! And is his Momma!! :) Lovely scarf....pretty fabric!! Hope all is well...and YES!! I've sewed with baby on I sew with toddler on lap...and 4 yo chatting CONSTANTLY in chair next to me!! I guess we do what we do! HA!! Have a good day!!


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