Friday, January 14, 2011

no prints allowed

another great guild meeting last night!  even if my husband called in the middle of it.  i swear i can't go anywhere without him calling to see when i'll be coming home!  sawyer really loves his mommy, and isn't too sure about staying home with daddy.

so last month (which i missed) they announced the no prints allowed challenge and that robert kaufman fabrics had generously donated solid charm packs for all the guild members!  lucky for me they had some left.  i chose the dusty colorway, and i can't wait to get started.  i know exactly what i want to try!  they are due at the march meeting, and the only rules are that, well, no prints are allowed!  heehee.

then we had angela from quilting is my therapy who showed us some of her machine quilting.  she is the long arm quilter for tula pink - and she brought some of her quilts!  we saw kiss kiss, modern alphabet, and windswept which were gorgeous.  then she let us show unfinished quilt tops of our own, and she talked about how she decides where to go with the quilting.  i learned a lot. i took a few crappy pictures so you could see her amazing quilting!!

kiss kiss by tula pink

see the plume quilting?

modern alphabet


Nikki said...

There I am, right in your way! Sorry bout that. I posted a few pics on my blog. I had a better view. :)

Angela W. said...

Thanks for the sweet compliments!!!


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