Monday, January 31, 2011

progress of sorts

we are slowly getting healthy around here. i'm so tired of being sick, and just plain ready for spring. i can't wait to get outside and play in the dirt!!

troy went bird hunting last weekend, so we had a relaxed, slumber party in the living room kind of weekend. my mom and nana came over (with chinese food!), we watched a ton of movies, played some wii, and i finished piecing my solids quilt top.

and i know the picture is terrible - late night photography is never a good idea!  i need to get some batting and get it finished, i'm giving it to our cousins who just had a baby boy, welcome will!

i began working on reupholstering this chair our neighbor gave us.  the kids like it a lot, but i couldn't take the plaid anymore.

i am using a green gingham i found at wallyworld for 1.99 a yard!  i bought it without a project in mind, and it turns out i had just enough.  there's not even enough left for a pillow.  i also decided i need to paint that wood.  maybe white?  

helpful upholstery advice - make sure you have staples for your staple gun before you tear into your chair.  i am at a standstill until i can get to the store for staples.  sigh.  and since we have a winter blast headed our way, it may be a few days.  they just cancelled afternoon preschool.  maybe i'll work on my postage stamp quilt top today!

i'll leave you with a pic troy took yesterday - pretty good looking kids if i say so myself!


Sara said...

I am going to be waiting in anticipation to see that new chair:)

YES they are beautiful children you have!

Candice @ Made With Love said...

The kids are SO cute, and I love the solid color quilt top as the gray makes everything pop! :)


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