Monday, January 3, 2011

so lucky!

yep.  i won something in the sewmamasew giveaway day.  i know, shocking!  and i was super happy to have found this new-to-me gorgeous blog, sand & starfish.  i won four half yards of pretty fabric and this adorable set of snack bags.  which will come in very handy when packing 2 lunches next year!  i actually got these in the mail before christmas - where has the time gone?!    (following images borrowed from her giveaway post - i can't find my camera!)

yep.  i'm lucky.  :)  thanks again for such a great gift!

hope you all had a great holiday - we did, and i am sad to see break end.  emma went back to school this morning and i already miss her!  but i am looking for the positives, like having more craft time in the afternoons.  i'm almost done with a quilt, hoping to finish the quilting today and stitch the binding tomorrow.  we'll see.  i also started a daily fitness thingy, hope i can keep up with that and see some better fitting clothes in my future!  nothing like your 20 year reunion to kick your butt into gear!

1 comment:

ShirleyC said...

Congrats on your win! I have entered nearly everything there, and never won, but there are always so many entries. It's fun to try!


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