Monday, February 28, 2011

sunday, er, monday stash report

won't this make a sweet project?!  still pondering the what - the dot was a thrifting find, and the ric-rac was a bargain find at walmart, and actually feels nice too!  they've both been in my stash for awhile now, but i love looking at them. 

here's a closer look, love the texture of this one!  i keep thinking an outfit for emma, but it is just sort of much, you know?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

let down your hair!

i'm still figuring her out.  i got the idea from family fun magazine - here's their project - when i showed it to emma she said "but she needs a face."  so i dug out my embroidery thread and made her a face.  i'm unsure how i will attach her hair to her head though, hot glue probably.  i need to make her hair longer to so it can hold more barrettes.  i've had this idea for awhile.  my nana made me one when i was a girl, from a makeup applicator pad.  she painted the face, it had two long braids and i loved it.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

paying it forward!

i seem to have committed myself to handing out handmade gifts on facebook and here! that means 3 to my blog readers and 5 to my facebook friends!! luckily, some want baked goodies, and one wants a crocheted loincloth with a hidden knife pocket - don't ask :)

so in trying to reduce some of my craft debt, i made a sour cream apple pie yesterday and delivered it to my bff joy, who had a baby girl last month.  kinsley kate, isn't that the sweetest name?  i also gave her this kimono top i made, and i can't wait til i can get pics of her lil' sweetie  in it!   one down, 7 to go!

in other craft debt, i volunteered to host a giveaway on the vintage sheet blog - and here's what i'll be giving away!

a quilted notebook made from linen and vintage sheets!

i'll tweet the deets later yo.  check back next week!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


this week feels like its taken forever and it's only thursday. jujitsu lesson, parent teacher conference (including an hour drive home in dense fog, ugh!),

PTO meeting, designed flyers for chili supper, only to goof and put the wrong month on them.  doh!

lots of playing around in picnik.  have you tried it yet? and do you like my new blog look?

no school tomorrow or monday.  i predict lots of "just dance" in my future. 

tomorrow is a post office day - lots of packages to mail, so if you're expecting something from me, start watching the mailbox!  have a great weekend peeps!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

announcing the winners!!

thanks so much to all of my great guest posters (candice - ginger - lauranie - stephanie) this week!! it was fun, right?!

and now for the winners!

the I-spy charm pack goes to #7, amanda

the vintage sheet fat quarter stack goes to #6, shana

the quilt patterns from reanna lily designs now belong to #26, peach rainbow

the panhandle slim shirt will look fabulous on #19, rachel

the winner of the CSN store credit is #29, liz!

i am emailing the winners now, if for some reason i don't hear back from someone by the end of the week, i will redraw on friday.  

thanks again to Langston's, CSN Stores, and Reanna Lily Designs for being so generous! hope everyone had a great weekend, see you soon!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Pillowcase Tutorial

Hi everyone! I'm Stephanie from the blog and shop, Sand & Starfish, and I'm Sew Full of Love!! Seriously, if you're going to live life, you might as well live it full of love! I'm in love with heels and twirly skirts. I'm in love the beach (especially since it's right down the street!). I love cheese! Sharp cheddar, port wine, string, provolone, fried... love it all! I love my daughter's giggle. I swear it's the cutest sound God could have ever blessed anyone with. My husband is the man of my dreams so I am definitely not falling out of love any time soon! And I love my life. Sure it has it's ups and downs but I love it, roller coaster and all!

So what's more loving than becoming a Mrs. to your Mr. ?! I'm happy to be able to share an amazing (and surprisingly super easy) tutorial with you all.

Your supplies:
Freezer paper (not wax paper)
X-acto knife
Fabric paint
Paper plate
Sponge brush
2 pillowcases
mr. and mrs. printout
(and possibly scissors)

1. Cut a piece of freezer paper to a size slightly larger than your printout. Tape your printout to the freezer paper and using your exacto knife, slowly cut away your mr. and mrs. and discard your leftover printer paper. If your letters look a little jagged, just grab a scissors and trim them up.

2. Position your new stencil on your pillowcases. You don't want them to line up perfectly along the edge and bottom because your pillow will poof the case out. I went about 4 inches up and in for my pillows. Once you have it where you'd like, start ironing. You want the shiny side of the paper face down because once you iron it, it sticks to the pillowcase and makes it so the paint doesn't bleed.

3. Slide your piece of cardboard under where the stencil is. This is such a necessary step! It protects the back of your pillowcase so the paint doesn't bleed through.

4. Put some paint on a paper plate, take your sponge and dip it in! Kinda dab it a little bit off to the side of your paint so it soaks slightly into the brush. Then you just want to start dabbing away! I noticed that mine had some bubbles and I was going to wait until it was dry to see if they mattered and they didn't. In fact, I didn't even need to put a second coat on!

5. Let it dry. I let mine dry four about an hour and then tested it with my finger to see if it was actually dry. It was :)

6. Peel away the paper.

7. Slip over your pillows and toss on the bed! Then step back and admire your work. Seriously. Step back... and *sigh* aren't they just awesome!

The cool thing about these pillowcases, you can make them for yourself, you can make them as a wedding gift, how about a housewarming gift? And the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you want your pillows to say. "his" and "hers"... "mine" and "yours"... "sweet" "dreams"... so let your imagination, and your room speak to you!

A special thanks to Tammie for letting me contribute! And hop on over to Sand & Starfish tomorrow for a tutorial on how to make the "&" pillow in the middle!

and thank YOU stephanie for a great guest post!  :)  love this idea!

i-spy charms giveaway - NOW CLOSED!

ok, maybe vintage sheets aren't your thing.  maybe you've been dying to make an i-spy quilt, but gathering up that many unique squares has you frazzled.  here i come, to save the day!

an i-spy charm set, just for you!  again, culled from my awesome collection!  i say awesome, my husband says outrageous.  

88 4 inch charms, all unique.  perfect for this wonderful quilt top tutorial at obsessively stitching.

the rest is up to you.  to enter to win this, please leave me a comment and tell me who you'd make this quilt for?  or if you'd rather use the charms for other projects, it's all good.  i'll draw a winner using rng.

giveaway will end sunday february 13th around noon.

who wants to win?! NOW CLOSED!

it's my turn to show some love to all of you! five things i love?

1.  tapioca pudding
2.  pie and coffee for breakfast
3.  pandora
4.  tank tops with built in bras (i have little boobs LOL)
5.  great danes - seriously, the coolest dog ever

i am so happy with life these days! how could i not be? look at who i get to spend my days with:


(i'd include a photo of my husband but he works so hard he's never around to get his picture taken!)
so those people make my life happy.

and so does this lil' blog. well, the entire crafting/sewing/quilting community as a whole, really. a few years back, it took a lot of searching to find tutorials and stuff, and now i can't tear myself away from the laptop long enough to make half of it! seriously, so much good stuff out there.

and here's the first of my giveaways!

a fat quarter stack from my vintage sheet collection!  nine fat quarters, to be exact.

why nine?  well, i looooove this quilt from oh, fransson and it takes nine FQ.  and i think it would be lovely in vintage sheets!

looky, i have even more.

shameful really.  and i don't just mean the way they are organized :)

to enter, leave me a comment and tell me what colors you'd want your FQ to be.  as you can see, i have a pretty good selection.  giveaway ends sunday feb. 13 around noon, and i will randomly draw a name!

thanks again for reading.  love you guys!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Contact Paper Valentine Crafts

now let me introduce one of my best bloggy friends, lauranie!  she's gotta be the most supportive and loveliest person i've met since i started this blog.  it makes my day when i get a comment from her!  a big thank you to her for making time to guest post!

Hi there! My name is Lauranie and I am sooo excited to be posting on Tammie's creative space! She is AWESOME, so when she asked if I would do this guest post, immediately I said YES!! Ok well, not immediately. You see, even though I have my own blog, I have yet to post a tutorial! They scare me silly!! But, for Tammie I am willing to give it a try. :) Before we get started, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a SAHM to three fabulous children. I am so fortunate to be able to be home with them while they are young, so I try to be a good Momma by sewing and creating things for them, baking cookies and other yummies, and love on them as often as possible. We live in Lafayette, Louisiana where my husband works in the oilfield as a Hydraulic Engineer, which is what he LOVES to do...but unfortunately it has us about 2 hours from my folks and siblings. I try to make up for it by making all kinds of things for them and send my babies to them as often as I can! We also have two BIG boys, which until recently both lived with us. Thankfully, one moved out this past week....YIPPEE!! One down, one to go! Not to be UNmotherly, but 23?? Time to GO!! HA!

Ok, so next up is FIVE Things I LOVE!!

1. My family, of course

2. Making people happy with the things I make, which leads to...

3. Sewing


5. Disney World...we are going soon, so it is on my mind! :)

So now for my first tutorial...Fun with Contact Paper!

I really wanted to make some place mats to decorate our table for Valentine's day, but with three little ones, I was worried that they would be used once before something was spilled on it and made UNuseable! You see, I have fabric place mats...I definitely prefer vinyl ones! I've had some Contact Paper around my house for a while and decided it would be perfect!

First you want to gather your supplies:

As you can see, I raided my recycle bin! Cereal boxes work great! They are the right size for place mats, and they give your place mat just the right "weight" needed. Also, any container can be made into cute little vases, pencil holders, or buckets that can be used to carry Valentines to school or given as Teacher's gifts. Contact paper has "low tack", which means it can be pulled off easily for re-positioning and won't do too much damage to your work. So you can use scrapbook papers, ribbon, trims, paint, let your creativity guide you!

So now you want to prepare your boxes. Open them fully. Usually there is a lip on the inside of the box, open it there.

After getting it open, cut off all of the small edges. You can save them for other uses. We are going to use ours to make Valentines for my daughters' classes.

Once all of the edges are off, it should look like this.

You will want the outside of the box to be the bottom of the place mat, sometimes it will show through the Contact Paper. Unfortunately, the cereal boxes I chose had printing on the inside, but thankfully didn't show through.

Next, you will want to measure your box and decide how much Contact paper to use. I just pulled the roll, placed my box on it, then folded it over. But as you can see, the backing on the Contact paper roll has a grid on it. This makes it easy to cut a straight line! :)

Then just remove the backing and stick it on your mat.

After, you will need to smooth out the air bubbles. I used a handy little dough cutter, but you could use your fingers or anything with a smooth straight edge.

You will need to cut off any excess Contact paper. I used my Pinking Shears for a little decorative edge, but scissors or Exacto knife works too.

Once you get your Contact Paper base on your mat, the fun begins! Now is when you can cut shapes, designs, or letters from other Contact papers or scrapbook paper. I got my Contact Paper from Walmart. There were only a few patterns to choose from but you can order online if you want more of a selection. Just Google Contact Paper and you will find TONS of options! There is even Chalk Board Contact Paper....oh, what we could do with THAT!! :) And did I mention I am a big cheater? Yep, I am lucky enough to have one of these...

Thanks Mom and Dad!! I am a terrible AWFUL cutter, so this helps alot! You can always print out stencils or patterns and trace them onto the back of the Contact Paper, just make sure you do it "backward" if you are doing letters.

Once you have it decorated the way you want, you will want to protect it. Using clear Contact Paper, or some other type of laminate will keep it safe.

I used the same technique as putting on the base layer of Contact Paper. Pulling out paper, placing mat on it and folding it over, then smoothing out the bubbles. You could only do the top of your place mat, but my kids are REALLY messy, so I didn't want to take any chances. I covered the front and back! :)

Cut off the excess, and enjoy your new place mats!

As you can see, I used EVERYTHING!! Paint, paper, ribbon, and a Sharpie! It all works! I used a regular glue stick to bond the paper and ribbons to the base Contact Paper. The paint hand prints only took about half an hour to dry, but I left it all overnight to be safe. I had to re-position the clear Contact Paper on one, and the Sharpie left marks, but I was able to wipe it off ok. One thing I noticed about the white Contact Paper is that because of its matte finish, you can wipe it, but some things will leave a stain. That is why I suggest covering it with the clear Contact Paper.

Once you've finished your place mats, you will find all kinds of things to make using it!!

This is a quick banner I did. I sewed the ribbon along the top for hanging. I've also used the cereal box/ Contact paper method to make Autograph books for the children when we go to Disney World!! See...ALL kinds of uses!

Thank you so much for bearing with me during my first tutorial! I hope I have given you some good ideas!! And THANK YOU Tammie for being BRAVE enough to let me "take over" your creative space! I had fun! :)


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