Thursday, February 10, 2011

papercrafts galore

i love all the sweet little cupcake toppers and subway art offered up around blogland. here's one of my own "designs"!! feel free to save the pic and use as you'd like. i was planning to make some cupcakes to show you step by step but my printer hates me. so imagine if you will...

haha!  they would be cute though...

and while you're at it, here's some other places you can find free printables!

a little lovely's cupcake toppers at ucreate

super cute valentines

subway art and more at sprik space 
i love love love this alphabet one, i plan to print it out for sawyer's room!


a heart shaped subway art and other ideas at blooming homestead

and these bitter valentines are just too funny.  

have fun making your own valentine's papercrafts!!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

the bitter valentine's are hilarious. thanks for sharing!


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