Thursday, February 24, 2011

paying it forward!

i seem to have committed myself to handing out handmade gifts on facebook and here! that means 3 to my blog readers and 5 to my facebook friends!! luckily, some want baked goodies, and one wants a crocheted loincloth with a hidden knife pocket - don't ask :)

so in trying to reduce some of my craft debt, i made a sour cream apple pie yesterday and delivered it to my bff joy, who had a baby girl last month.  kinsley kate, isn't that the sweetest name?  i also gave her this kimono top i made, and i can't wait til i can get pics of her lil' sweetie  in it!   one down, 7 to go!

in other craft debt, i volunteered to host a giveaway on the vintage sheet blog - and here's what i'll be giving away!

a quilted notebook made from linen and vintage sheets!

i'll tweet the deets later yo.  check back next week!


Kerry said...

Love your notebook- great mix of linen and vintage sheets, really pretty and practical

Mary Grace McNamara said...

What a great notebook cover! Love the combination of fabrics and prints. Very generous PIF player you are too! Good for you!


Nikki said...

Very nice, my friend! Love it.

Shana said...

Love that! I still am not sure what to make with all my pretty vintage sheet fabric I won. I have been drooling over it but have been careful to keep my mouth wiped lol.

Five Baht Elephant said...

I'm doing the same PIF on Facebook. So far I've made a mug rug and I'm working on a fabric basket. My friend makes jewelry and she made me a pair of earrings.

This is lovely :)

Kristin said...

Kinsley Kate...ummmmmm, most adorable name ever! And that notebook is beautiful!


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