Thursday, March 31, 2011

miss me?

so we're off spring break - but then it snowed!!  how cruel is that!  it's been cold and yucky all week.  luckily, the only thing i've planted so far are pansies and they seem to love it!

we *barely* kept from getting a border collie puppy - that was a close one!  but wisdom prevailed, and so we are puppy-less.  maybe next year!  we plan on getting chicken next spring, so we'll be able to spend the time training a pup to herd them up for us!  my sis-in-law has the momma, she's a sweet, pretty dog.

today was kindergarten roundup for our son alex.  he was so excited, but once we got there was a little bit shy.  it's so unusual for him to be shy and quiet, it was awfully cute though!  no pics because i forgot my dumb camera on the counter.   i did snap this pic of sawyer's TWO new teeth.  no wonder he wants me to hold him all the time.  a small price to pay for a smiling baby!

i made a small dent in my big to-do list:

apple pound cake - better the second (and third!) day.  i added cranberries.

quilted notebook for auction winner #1

quilted notebook for auction winner #2

what i'm working on:

january dresden plate for bee vintage - this one is so close to done.  i am ripping out some stitches because i had a tension issue, didn't realize it while sewing and it skipped a couple stitches.  grr.
february starburst blocks for bee vintage, almost finished
march mosaic blocks for bee vintage
april herringbone blocks for do. good stitches bee - i wanna get a 6" ruler before i tackle these.
april you are here blocks for bee vintage
finishing my no prints allowed quilt

back to work!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


i've got 2 notebooks up for auction today! it's a fundraiser for my friend amy, who've i've mentioned before. they are in italy right now, receiving treatment for their son giovanni. 100% of the proceeds will go to the price family to help them pay for all of this.  there are some great crocheted caps and photo props, go check it out!


i think i am going to join the supernova quilt along over at freshly pieced!  it starts the 24th, so there's still time to choose your fabrics!

Supernova Quilt-Along with Freshly Pieced

i'm still thinking of what i want to use.  tomorrow i will have some time to play in my stash, and i'll take some pics and let you help decide!  i'm leaning towards grey, yellow, and pink!  i think i have enough solids to make it work, but i also think i'd mix in some prints.  so let me see what i can come up with...  she says you can make it with a jelly roll, just smaller, and she might include those instructions. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

ssr (sunday stash report)


vintage sheets!   i scored a few pretties, lots of yellows! 

new (to me) quilting books and mags.  love this one in needle & thread, called colorama, and i think it would be fun to make given the solid trend right now. 

i found these at the little thrift shop in garnett, where i come across good sheets for $1.50 sometimes too.  the craft books are all a quarter a piece!


umm.  maybe check back tomorrow?  heehee!


i am slowly getting caught up - thanks everyone for the encouragement! it's sort of a silly thing to get stressed about - nothing i make is going to "change the world!" but it is nice to make progress.

we survived our PTO's 1st annual chili & soup supper, and raised about $1000 for our new playground! so if you need a recipe for an event, let me know! each recipe made one large (14 qt?) roaster full of either chili or vegetable beef soup. and they were yummy! one of the other moms and i did a raffle table with some handmade goodies on it, like crocheted caps and hair bows, and we made $101.  and i took a private order for a crayon wallet.  so happy that was a success!

i'm done stitching the binding on my hourglass quilt! that i started in 2009 
i am so glad to have it finished and on our couch!  i took it along to 8am practice this morning and stitched while the kids played soccer.

i still think it needs more quilting, but i might call it good.  it's the largest quilt i've done, not quite a twin.   i've been tossing around the idea to make an actual pattern for it - not that it's difficult, but i learned a lot while doing it and would enjoy having it written down.  plus it's charm pack friendly and i love charm packs!  so we'll see.  the way i roll, it will be 2012 before i ever get to that!

it used up a good chunk of thrifted fabrics, both the backing and binding.  i love the combo of stripes and dots on the binding, it's cute.  the florals were all from charm swaps, and the white was bought to make curtains in our 2nd house and came off the bargain table at walmart.  so i'm pleased that this stash buster project is complete.  i haven't washed it yet - i am still debating quilting the borders first.

someone is crawling now!!  eek!

yep, i'm a soccer mom!

we're on spring break - we have soccer practices and a game.  on thursday the kids have a "spring into fitness" program and the KC Chiefs Cheerleaders and Wolf will be there!  looking forward to getting some cute pics of the kids, maybe one i can frame for father's day - their daddy is a diehard Chiefs fan.  crossing my fingers for good weather!

in other news - have you heard of heartsy?  i think i'm in love!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


i've backed myself into a crafty corner again.  i am so far behind it's not funny, i shouldn't even take time to write this up!  so to help me stay accountable, a list of to do's:

thank you gifts for the most fabulous guest posters on the planet.  here's a peek:

no prints allowed quilt - needs the backing pieced and quilted and bound.  by thursday.  yeah, right.  that's gonna happen.

oh, i had to come back and edit this because i forgot a HUGE priority part of my to do's.  my bee vintage blocks.  for, ahem, january.  and uhmuhm, february.  at least march's isn't late.  yet.

hourglass quilt - needs binding and then i can put this behind me!  or around me, on the couch, while i watch lie to me.

modern siggy swap quilt top - need to finish piecing rows but i misplaced a couple of the setting triangles, grr.  on a positive note, i did find the single block that makes the final point, which would by all obvious reasoning be with the setting triangles but was not. ??? 

fold and organize entire stash into new work space.  right now, there are piles in the guest room, and several laundry baskets of clothing set aside for "refashioning" but that will most likely end up at goodwill.

a thank you peach pie for father jerry, for baptising our son.  a month ago.  when do peaches come in season?  can i wait til then?

oh, did i mention that i agreed to help run the raffle at the PTO fundraiser next week?  and make jarred soup mixes?  silly me.  at least one of the other moms is helping me :)  the kids can play together while we "can" the mixes. 

sigh.  i have been a total slacker about exercising too, and by the time i get the kids to bed i veg on the couch or get sucked into the facebook time warp. boo hoo, woe is me. i blame the earthquake.

basically, what i'm saying is, if you are expecting something from me, remember it's from me, and i run about two months behind everyone else.  my dad is still waiting for his birthday card and gift.  from january.

actually, now that i think of it, so is my brother in law.  i'm a terrible person.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

win a quilted notebook!

good morning everybody!  i'm giving away that sweet notebook from last week today over at the vintage sheet blog! see how to enter here (hint - do you follow me?)

my favorite thing about making these notebooks is that i use a disappearing nine patch block!  i start with 5 inch charms, make my nine patch, whack it in four, and restitch it.  then i cut it to size, add a border, and use the strip i remove on the inside pocket.  sheer brilliance if i do say so myself.  you can buy the pattern to make your own quilted list taker at jcasa

oh - my big plan was to have a couple of these in my etsy to correspond with the giveaway.  but of course life got in the way.  so if you're interested in buying one, let me know and i can send you an email when they get posted.  thanks guys, and good luck with the giveaway!


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