Thursday, March 31, 2011

miss me?

so we're off spring break - but then it snowed!!  how cruel is that!  it's been cold and yucky all week.  luckily, the only thing i've planted so far are pansies and they seem to love it!

we *barely* kept from getting a border collie puppy - that was a close one!  but wisdom prevailed, and so we are puppy-less.  maybe next year!  we plan on getting chicken next spring, so we'll be able to spend the time training a pup to herd them up for us!  my sis-in-law has the momma, she's a sweet, pretty dog.

today was kindergarten roundup for our son alex.  he was so excited, but once we got there was a little bit shy.  it's so unusual for him to be shy and quiet, it was awfully cute though!  no pics because i forgot my dumb camera on the counter.   i did snap this pic of sawyer's TWO new teeth.  no wonder he wants me to hold him all the time.  a small price to pay for a smiling baby!

i made a small dent in my big to-do list:

apple pound cake - better the second (and third!) day.  i added cranberries.

quilted notebook for auction winner #1

quilted notebook for auction winner #2

what i'm working on:

january dresden plate for bee vintage - this one is so close to done.  i am ripping out some stitches because i had a tension issue, didn't realize it while sewing and it skipped a couple stitches.  grr.
february starburst blocks for bee vintage, almost finished
march mosaic blocks for bee vintage
april herringbone blocks for do. good stitches bee - i wanna get a 6" ruler before i tackle these.
april you are here blocks for bee vintage
finishing my no prints allowed quilt

back to work!!

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