Tuesday, March 8, 2011


i've backed myself into a crafty corner again.  i am so far behind it's not funny, i shouldn't even take time to write this up!  so to help me stay accountable, a list of to do's:

thank you gifts for the most fabulous guest posters on the planet.  here's a peek:

no prints allowed quilt - needs the backing pieced and quilted and bound.  by thursday.  yeah, right.  that's gonna happen.

oh, i had to come back and edit this because i forgot a HUGE priority part of my to do's.  my bee vintage blocks.  for, ahem, january.  and uhmuhm, february.  at least march's isn't late.  yet.

hourglass quilt - needs binding and then i can put this behind me!  or around me, on the couch, while i watch lie to me.

modern siggy swap quilt top - need to finish piecing rows but i misplaced a couple of the setting triangles, grr.  on a positive note, i did find the single block that makes the final point, which would by all obvious reasoning be with the setting triangles but was not. ??? 

fold and organize entire stash into new work space.  right now, there are piles in the guest room, and several laundry baskets of clothing set aside for "refashioning" but that will most likely end up at goodwill.

a thank you peach pie for father jerry, for baptising our son.  a month ago.  when do peaches come in season?  can i wait til then?

oh, did i mention that i agreed to help run the raffle at the PTO fundraiser next week?  and make jarred soup mixes?  silly me.  at least one of the other moms is helping me :)  the kids can play together while we "can" the mixes. 

sigh.  i have been a total slacker about exercising too, and by the time i get the kids to bed i veg on the couch or get sucked into the facebook time warp. boo hoo, woe is me. i blame the earthquake.

basically, what i'm saying is, if you are expecting something from me, remember it's from me, and i run about two months behind everyone else.  my dad is still waiting for his birthday card and gift.  from january.

actually, now that i think of it, so is my brother in law.  i'm a terrible person.


Jessica said...

I am way, way behind on everything too. I'm trying to get more on top of it all, but its a big scary pile!

roseylittlethings said...

That is the way I am right now! UGG the guilt of being behind... I owe about 10 quilt blocks to my bee members!

marth225 said...

I feel your pain. I don't know what to do, my list is so long

christine donee said...

take a deep breath! You can do it!



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