Sunday, March 20, 2011


i am slowly getting caught up - thanks everyone for the encouragement! it's sort of a silly thing to get stressed about - nothing i make is going to "change the world!" but it is nice to make progress.

we survived our PTO's 1st annual chili & soup supper, and raised about $1000 for our new playground! so if you need a recipe for an event, let me know! each recipe made one large (14 qt?) roaster full of either chili or vegetable beef soup. and they were yummy! one of the other moms and i did a raffle table with some handmade goodies on it, like crocheted caps and hair bows, and we made $101.  and i took a private order for a crayon wallet.  so happy that was a success!

i'm done stitching the binding on my hourglass quilt! that i started in 2009 
i am so glad to have it finished and on our couch!  i took it along to 8am practice this morning and stitched while the kids played soccer.

i still think it needs more quilting, but i might call it good.  it's the largest quilt i've done, not quite a twin.   i've been tossing around the idea to make an actual pattern for it - not that it's difficult, but i learned a lot while doing it and would enjoy having it written down.  plus it's charm pack friendly and i love charm packs!  so we'll see.  the way i roll, it will be 2012 before i ever get to that!

it used up a good chunk of thrifted fabrics, both the backing and binding.  i love the combo of stripes and dots on the binding, it's cute.  the florals were all from charm swaps, and the white was bought to make curtains in our 2nd house and came off the bargain table at walmart.  so i'm pleased that this stash buster project is complete.  i haven't washed it yet - i am still debating quilting the borders first.

someone is crawling now!!  eek!

yep, i'm a soccer mom!

we're on spring break - we have soccer practices and a game.  on thursday the kids have a "spring into fitness" program and the KC Chiefs Cheerleaders and Wolf will be there!  looking forward to getting some cute pics of the kids, maybe one i can frame for father's day - their daddy is a diehard Chiefs fan.  crossing my fingers for good weather!

in other news - have you heard of heartsy?  i think i'm in love!

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Nikki said...

I am in love with your quilt. Must make one of these.

Let me know if you're ever up this way besides KCMQG days. You guys could come over for a play date... or dinner!


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