Tuesday, April 19, 2011

bee blocks

i've been making my mod mosaic and you are here blocks.  first up, mod mosaic:

i am no good with the wonky.  i need to know every step of the way what's next.  i'm that way with recipes too.  i want to follow the directions!  that's what i'm supposed to do! so for me, wonky is more work than it should be.  i'll get it finished tomorrow.  this will be a beautiful quilt though...

next up, the you are here block from happy zombie.  i love monica.  she would totally be my BFF if only she lived next door.  i love this block!  it's a lot of fun to play with the different color combos.  it would be gorgeous in solids, don't ya think?  and in a quilting cotton wouldn't slip around like the sheets.

it's missing the top row in this pic

so, besides that i haven't gotten much other sewing done.  we been outside enjoying the sunshine, and i planted a new flowerbed along the driveway.  i put in about 40 plants, and then the next morning i found my silly dog had dug up about five of them.  it wouldn't be an issue if i hadn't planted a precise arrangement.  that'll teach me!  so i got some replacements but then it stormed last night and now i have to wait for the ground to dry out a bit.

basil babies!

i still have some pots to plant, and the kids' window wells to clean out and plant.  the toads are back already, so i need to do it soon!  i let them each pick out an annual to plant in some pots and they will have morning glory vines cascading down the sides again this year.  after that, my next big project will be the upstairs deck and entrance.  it needs a good scrubbing and fresh paint.  it's where we wait for the bus, so i want to make it a happy space!


Kelli said...

I just made a bunch of mosaic blocks and the key for me to making them wonky but having order in my mind was to make them like a log cabin. I would use one strip (or piece one together) and then continue to work around like you do with a log cabin. By piecing the strips and cutting wonky angles when I trimmed up each strip it gave it the right look. Check out my blog if you want to see pictures of mine www.smalltownstitcher.blogspot.com/2011/03/look-at-my-girl-and-WIP-Wednesday-on.html
P.S. yours looks good! Love the fabrics.

Bold E-Zine said...

Loved your post and striking photos. For me, 'WONKY' is the ONLY way! LOL Too much structure scares my artistic muse and then she starts lining everything up in perfect lines. your colors are so vibrant and playful. Now, I'm off to read more of your great blog.
I'm a new GFC follower under BOLD

Lauranie said...

girl...this is just my style!! :) All I have to do is cut NORMAL and it all comes out WONKY!! HA! You are doing great, keep it up! Good luck with your planting...wish I was good at that!! :)


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