Sunday, April 3, 2011

debate time

i have a question. it's a little too late for the answer to help me right now - since i already mailed my package out - but is a fat eighth a piece that's 9" x 22" or a piece that's 18" x 11"? 

scratch another one of my list - i finally finished my dresden for the january bee vintage block.

i'm not sure why it took me this long. i had a psychological block every step of the way. i guess i'm a scaredy cat when it comes to trying something totally new. i made a couple mistakes, then had to start over. i tried to zigzag the edges, but it was a disaster. i went back and looked at some others in the group and thought they edge stitched so that's what i did.

then i had a brilliant idea and used a chunk of a vintage sheet with large areas of white as my background fabric. only, it was too thick, i guess? it didn't play nicely with my machine, and gave me a bunch of tension issues. which i didn't discover until i had stitched them down. so rip rip rip went the stitches. and out came the kona!

finally, because i didn't read the whole tutorial until after i started, i cut out my center circles the size of the template. which is actually the stitching line, so i had to start over there too.  and looking at it now, the one block on the left doesn't really go.  too dark.  sigh.

sewing projects need to be quick for me to get anywhere! i get such small doses of time that usually, if i screw up, it gets thrown aside in order to make progress on something else. only, these projects are for someone, so i have to stay on it and finish.  i have enough wedges cut out and sewed for another.

we were in the city yesterday for a playdate at my SIL's so i ran into joann's and got a 6.5 x 24" ruler to use on my herringbone blocks.  can't wait to see that quilt come together, it should be a riot of color!


QuiltyBee said...

At my LQS (where I work) we cut fat eighths 9X22 -- the 1/8th (4.5 inches) is fat, so the WOF gets cut in have (21 inches or so). Make sense? Your dresden is full of cool fabrics even if it was tricky :)

marth225 said...

I love the colors in your dresden - bright colors make me feel good.


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