Saturday, April 9, 2011

garage sale season!!!

my momma and i love to garage sale. she came over this morning and we left the older kids with the neighbor girl and hit the church rummage sale and "city" wide in greeley. i scored a few goodies, let me brag share with you!

first up this fab picture - $2

button soaps in a spool box!

a (slightly creepy) copy of the old lady who swallowed a fly

some vintage patterns and a sheet

a cool scrabble word dice game, love her hair & outfit!!

 and various other junk

like a new in the box zebra hair brush from avon, pink dish towels.   some remnants of green fabric that matches some quilt squares i found cut out in granny marie's fabric stash - i have it in blue and yellow too.  so excited to have more to work with!!  it's a fun print.

in addition, i got a ton of clothes(2 boxes worth!) including baseball cleats, a new skirt and dress for moi, and lots of stuff for the boys.  grand total for the day?  $15 and change.  well, $25 if you count the sitter, but i don't.  and we helped out the church, and also a friend raising money for the race for the cure!  yay us!  and sawyer rode along happily in his stroller, blowing raspberries and drooling on himself.  what a good morning.


Elizabeth said...

great finds! my husband and I try to go every Saturday - so fun!

Amy said...

wow ya scored some really nice things. I always look for quirky things ya don't find in stores now days.

Sabina@Slipstitches and More said...

Oh you scored big with those vintage patterns. Have fun!

craftytammie said...

i get to go again this sat morning - after soccer practice at 8, hope the good stuff isn't all gone!!


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