Friday, April 22, 2011

remember this?

i finished it! finally!  this chair used to be our babysitter's when she was a (younger) kid. 


the hardest part was finding a day to spray paint when the wind wasn't going 90 miles an hour. seriously, i know i live in kansas, but it's been crazy this year. my parents lost their big barn out back to a windstorm two weeks ago. it even moved their gazebo a couple inches, and knocked over an iron bench.  wind be crazy, yo.

anyways. i sanded the wood chair, then sprayed it with krylon's classic grey gloss. which i like better than the smoke grey, FYI. it took several coats to cover the wood grain. the cushions got recovered in heavy green gingham from the clearance table at walmart. i tried two staple guns and found our stanley light duty sharpshooter with 1/4 inch staples worked best for me. i'm kind of a wimp.  and i realize that it's missing the little wood button to cover the screw hole.  they are in a baggie, somewhere, only to be found again once i buy replacements.  sigh.

so now, we have a cute new addition to our home - this will go in one of the bedrooms this summer after our next remodel. we are turning our huge living room into a smaller room with two added bedrooms. yay! all the kids will have their own space! and i have been scheming out design plans - this grey, white and green is one of the ideas.  more to come on that project as we finalize plans.

OH!  advice needed - i have the little arm pads, but thought it was a little too much gingham so i haven't attached them yet.  should i go with another fabric, or leave them off, or what?

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Sara said...

I like to see old furniture re purposed--- so inspiring! Love the gingham and I think you should leave off the pads.

Good Luck on the reno!

Tammie said...

its gorgeous!

i agree, leave off the pads.

then come do my sofa. ;)

Jessica said...

That is super cute and modern. I agree with leaving off the pads!

martilindsey said...

You have a great eye. It really takes one to see the gem under the tired old chair. Kudos on a job well done!

Marti in San Diego


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