Wednesday, April 13, 2011


i am so excited! i just ordered a fq bundle of the new denyse schmidt/joann's fabric off of etsy - i figured, if i went, i'd end up buying at least a half yard of most of it, and i'd have to take along all three boys. which sounds like the worst idea ever. the last time i went to joann's to buy flannel that was on sale, i took a number - 23 - and the next one they called was 15. add in an hour drive there and then back again (gas=$$$) and i decided this was the smarter way to go.

i cannot wait to get that package in the mail!! my sweet husband agreed to "get" it for me for our 9 year anniversary this month - he's working nights, 6 12 hours shifts a week, and won't be able to do any sort of shopping on his own. and i have to give him credit, he didn't even try to argue about all the fabric i already have. he must have seen that i really wanted it!! now i need something totally kick ass for him!

i know exactly what i want to make with some of it - a pinwheel quilt. sort of like this one i saw on pinterest. (are you on there yet?  want an invite?  send me an email, i can invite 6 i think!)

by my count, there are 17 blocks running the length, which makes me think they are 4 1/2 inch pinwheels? maybe smaller, there is sashing there. but this is the type of quilt i want to make, the one rattling around my brain for a few years now! and still, i haven't done a pinwheel! i've started them, twice now, but i think the smaller pinwheel is what i was wanting.

speaking of quilts.  i have the baby's pack-n-play sitting in the yard,  with alex's project linus quilt stretched over it as a shade canopy from gardening yesterday.  and today when we got back from storytime at the library, the sight of that cheery quilt in my yard made me feel so content.  hey kids, we're HOME.

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Sara said...

Going to Joann's tomorrow to get me some Denyse Schmidt fabric too;)


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