Monday, April 25, 2011

swap a rainbow!

i sent off squares last week for another swap - this one was at bolo heads for rainbow colored charms, each person sending 10 fabrics in a certain color. i chose pink.

that is pink, not yellow.  poor lighting!

i made this little doll quilt top with my leftover pieces. since they were already cut into four inch wide chunks, i just did a coin quilt with 1 inch broadcloth sashing. i want to practice free motion quilting on it.  i was working on it while the kids alternated watching a movie and wandering in and out of my sewing corner.  it's far from perfect, and crooked, but i am so proud of myself for using those scraps right away instead of stashing them!

i've been reading through a huge pile of library books, and several of them mention finding a system that works for you.  i've been sorting my fabrics, folding the larger pieces on comic book boards and i love how it looks in my bookshelf!  i'll update this when i remember where i saw that idea.  wanna give credit where it's due!!

the swap is simple, 10 fat quarters give you 200 charms, and it didn't cost much, ($3) to mail. if anyone is interested, i'd like to host one!  i'd need you to send a self addressed stamped envelope along with your 200 charms, that will save me a lot of time.  so it really costs $6ish to send.  if you have a large stash you may not even need to buy any fabrics!

i thought, instead of each person choosing one color, we could choose one fat quarter in each color:
blue, green, red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, turquoise, brown, black

i found it hard to come up with ten "all pink" prints i liked - my LQS had very little to choose from, mostly dots.  this way you'd just need to find one fab fabric in each color and start cutting. 

what do you think?  i'd need 19 peeps to sign up.  if you want in, leave me a comment, and if we get enough people i will set a date.  tell a friend!


martilindsey said...

I just missed out on that rainbow swap, so count me in! I like the idea of one fabric of each color.

martilindsey (at) hotmail

Marti in San Diego

marth225 said...

I've never done one of those - how does it work. I might be interested

Sara said...

Count me in! Now that we are a little settled in our house, I think I can swing this!

Skooks said...

Not sure where you saw the idea, but I ran across it a few days ago here:

Sharon said...

I am very interested but also not sure exactly how this works. Can you give specifics for us newbies?

Lukayna said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! If there's room for one more, I'll join :)


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