Sunday, April 24, 2011

what the bunny brought me

at our easter lunch today, my MIL had set up a long bunch of tables, piled high with assorted things that belonged to my husband's grandma marie.  MIL Bert also made a bunch of handwritten signs, and had it set up for us all to "shop" for anything we wanted.  one of the signs was with a pile of old photographs, and it said "funny lookin people".  she's a hoot.

another sign said "finish one of grandma's projects - she'd be awful proud of you"  next to that sign were *gasp* a couple of unfinished quilt tops.  yep. and under the table, boxes of fabrics, and old needlework magazines, and on the next table, tons of doilies.

and tea towels.  and aprons and a mixer cover and then!  more goodness!  boxes of crochet thread!  and trims!

needless to say, i wanted to grab the entire batch and run throw it in my van.  it's not that far, the kids can walk home, right?  but i waited.  and waited.  and once it was starting to thin out, i went back and collected a few things.  and then a cousin said "what are you waiting for?  you know you're one of the only ones that will actually do anything with this stuff."  so i got a few more things.  and still walked out wishing i could just grab everything and throw it in my van. so i showed some restraint.  which is more than i can say about the dessert table.

happy easter everyone!


marth225 said...

That was awesome - I wouldn't have been able to hold back - they would have woundered what had happened. I love going through my grandomthers old things. Right now I'm working on a quilt she did the blocks for and I put together.

Kristin said...

You should go back and get more lady. Clearly you had the fam's blessing!


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