Saturday, May 28, 2011

randomly rambling

i've moved a few more projects up the to-do list. first up - shorts for the boys out of all these novelty fabrics they begged me to buy. they are so fast to make, i can easily finish them in one sitting.

i made the red pirate ones wednesday night, and alex wore them to emma's school assembly thursday.
yes, i did pull them out of the hamper to photograph.  yes, that is mud.

i haven't made any for a year or two - so i had to redraw my pattern for a bigger size. my old pattern you laid on the fold, eliminating the need to sew side seams. but it also meant that the back and front were the same, which meant my boys' undies were always peeking out the back. 

this time i started out with the pattern at made. it has a separate front and back piece, which makes it fit better. her boy must be a skinny little thing though - i think my 9 month old can wear her 2T! i enlarged it a lot by adding to the sides, and then i eyeballed it against a pair of shorts that fit well, and made a few more tweaks.

even still, they seemed a bit short in the back seam. so when i cut out the sponge bob ones, i added a little more to the back piece. they seem to fit better, although i had two different models so maybe alex's butt is just bigger LOL.  and someday i will learn to adjust my pattern pieces before cutting, so i don't end up with identical images on each side.  see the two patricks on his hipbones, and spongebob blowing bubbles on the bottom hem?  oh well.

i fussy cut a patrick pocket for these, so he has a place to put all the dandelions and weeds he picks for me.

and i finally put a drawstring in a pair of my hubby's scrubs - it's only been sitting there for months!  next up is painting shelves for my sewing nook.  hopefully the weather will cooperate, but i'm thinking more rain is on the way today.  at least my flowers are enjoying all the drinks.

my mother's day flowers - so pretty!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

swap a rainbow - the update

that makes it sound so important, doesn't it?

photo found via google images

so i finished updating the list - so far i've received from 12 people, some really lovely fabrics too! i still need to look through my emails for sent rainbows. but, if you have sent or think i should have gotten yours by now, please let me know! last day for mailing is the 31st, next tuesday! if you can't get yours out by then, please don't be afraid to tell me. i can cover for one, maybe two people but i need a little notice to get squares cut.

thanks again, everyone, for joining in my swap! i love getting these goodies in the mail every day, and i think you'll be super happy when you get them back, too. don't forget, the day i mail i'll be drawing a winner for a prize - it's a secret for now but i hope you'll like it!

you wanna know who won?

thanks for all the comments and jokes!  my kids and i had a blast reading them last night!  here's a couple of my/our faves (get ready to groan):

duck walks into a bar. says, "gimme some chapstick, put it on my bill." ~lynn

where do all the pirates live?  arrrrrkansas. ~audreypawdry

why did the chicken cross the playground?  to get to the other slide! ~micmacker

A boy was riding in the car with his grandfather. Grandfather said, "Oh, no! I just ran a red light!" "It's OK, Grandpa," the boy said, "the cop right behind us did the same thing!" ~kt

and my personal fave:

A vulture boards an airplane carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess takes one look at him and says, "I'm sorry, sir, only one carrion allowed per passenger." ~sherry b.

i sent that one to my husband at work, turns out he didn't know what carrion is so he didn't get it.

here's one my son brought home from school - say it aloud to get the full affect. 

what did the farmer say when he saw a brown chicken and a brown cow?


ok, thanks for the snorts of laughter and giving my little comedians some new material. 

the winner is #96, marci girl  who never wins anything!  random number goddess heard your cry, marci!  i've sent her an email, if i don't hear back within a week, i'll redraw.  hope everyone else gets some happy emails today! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

tea for teacher

the giveaway is still open until 9pm tonight - click here to get there!

this morning, around 10:30, i realized i never got my teacher gifts finished! i was trying to pretty up some scissors using this tute from crap i've made. mine were less than perfect though. cute, but nothing i'd be proud to give as a gift. ah well. scrambling with only an hour & a half til bus pickup, this is what i came up with!

luckily, i'd picked up a bunch of lipton green tea powdered mixes. these little packs pour into a bottle of water and taste pretty darn good. i also like the crystal light ones. anyways, my original thought was to find some cute plastic cups with straws and tuck some mixes inside.  ( i saw someone do it on pinterest, and it was a fun idea) but i never found a cup that i liked that wasn't too expensive. the dollar store had water bottles, which could have worked, i suppose.

what i did was use this idea from family fun magazine. only instead of a tea bag, i tucked in three pouches of the tea mix. i only had solid color card stock, so i used patterned paper to make the pockets and tags. and i didn't use the template at their site because i couldn't get to my printer.

i think they turned out cute, and i hope they will like them! alex thought they were fun.  not my best teacher gifts ever, but i did take two trays of cookies up to the teacher's lounge two weeks ago - does that count?  :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

charity projects

looking for the giveaway post?  it's the next one down!!

i have a couple projects i'm working on - so here's a quick update!

first up - may's inspire blocks for do. good stitches.  she requested square in a square blocks, made from blues and browns, suitable for an older boy.  it will be donated to project linus.

i didn't realize, but if it weren't for dots, i'd be out of luck in the brown department!  these were fun and fast to make.  it always makes me anxious doing these blocks - because i just hope they are ok, that they will play nicely with the other blocks people send, that they won't regret having me in their circle :)

i'm working on another quilts for kids kit.  hopefully i can finish piecing it tonight to begin the quilting.  this one is bright cheery girl colors.

and dana over at old red barn co. is collecting money for the american red cross tornado relief.  you can donate through her site, and then she is giving away a gorgeous quilt.  every dollar you donate is one chance to win.   her husband is from joplin, so it's personal for her.

i'm sure you've seen the damage from the tornado that hit joplin.  i went to college in pittsburg, ks, which is pretty close.  we used to head into the bigger town to eat mexican food, go to the mall, that's even where i got my tattoo.  it's hard to see the photos and imagine that happening to somewhere you know.  so if you can, please give a few dollars.  she's set a goal of $250, so let's help her meet (or exceed) that goal!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

it's here! it's here! - now closed!

sewmamasew's giveaway day has arrived!   if you're new here, welcome!

i love giveaway day.  mostly because i usually win!  i have scored some fabulous stuff and made a few friends along the way - what's not to love!

because i am trying to do the craft book challenge at liesl made, i've been perusing my bookshelves to find projects to tackle.  and i realized i have more craft books than i will ever use.   what's the craft book challenge, you ask?

well, choose a title from your library of books, languishing on your shelves.  make a project.  any project, small or large.  post completed project.  link up at liesl made.

easy, right?  and a good kick in the pants to actually start making something, instead of spending all day getting "inspired".  ahem.

so one lucky winner will receive a copy of the book jelly roll inspirations by pam lintott.  i have several of her books, and they are wonderful!

why yes, it is a strange angle for a picture.  it was the only way i could keep the reflection off the book, since i waited until night to take pics :)

it's a great book with 12 different quilt patterns.  my favorite thing about it is that for each quilt pattern, there are two quilt variations shown.  i love seeing them made up in different fabrics.  and the fabric choices are yummy too.

those are two of my favorite patterns in the book.  to enter to win, just leave me a comment.  know any good jokes?  i could use some giggles.  here's my kid's go to joke:
why was the dog sweating?
because he was a hot dog!

or tell me your favorite quilt book.  or just say hi.  make sure i can contact you if you win!  us shipping only!  contest ends may 25th at 9pm!  ships by may 30th!  random number generator will choose the winner!

thanks for entering - i'd love it if you'd follow me but it's not required.  have fun entering all the contests!  i'm sitting this one out, because i have a history of winning.  a lot. like, an insane amount. and i'm feeling like it's y'alls turn to win some good loot.  so good luck!  and come join the craft book challenge!  or have fun looking at the flickr group!

update - do you know how HARD it is to NOT enter?!!  my facebook is blowing up with contests and i am holding strong - for now...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

rainbow swap update

i have already started to get squares in the mail! marti, sara, and celeste - yours are here, thanks a bunch! i've started cutting on mine. here's a peek at a few...

more are on their way - i am so excited to see them all together!  i will update the swap page as fabrics come in, so if you've sent yours and don't see them on the list, let me know please. we got 20 people signed up which is awesome! 
  it looks like about $3.25 to mail.  be sure to get postage on your SASE!!  sara was charged more than that - hopefully no one else has trouble. i remember the strange looks i got the first time i tried to mail fabric this way - patiently explain to them that you need the same amount of postage on the returning envelope as it takes to mail the original. and then rexplain if need be. :)

OH - learn from my mistakes. be sure to use tape to seal the envelopes shut - sometimes the adhesives don't hold and you could end up losing your pretty rainbows in the USPS. so far three packages have arrived just fine! thanks a bunch!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

it's bloggers' quilt festival time!

welcome to everyone from amy's creative side! for this time around, i am showing off sharing my hourglass quilt.

up extra dirty

this should win an award! (for procrastination!)  i started it in 2009.  it was a way for me to get over my fear of making a quilt.  i'd been doing a lot of charm swaps on swap-bot, and i had collected a large assortment of 5 inch florals.  i also had a ton of a white tone on tone print i had bought for curtains at our first house that never got made.  that would be 11 years ago.  ahem. 

so, stash bust!  that was my thinking.  and using fabrics that i didn't care much about, so if i ruined it, no biggie.

i decided to try an hourglass block.  so i cut a pile of 5" white charms, paired them with a floral, and started making hourglasses.  and i played with them, taking lots of pics of them laid out on the carpet in poor lighting.


and then they sat for awhile.  and then i figured out a pattern that i liked, and finally pieced them all together.  then it sat awhile.  i finally backed it with a big chunk of thrifted calico and three leftover blocks.

hourglass quilt

and for the first time ever, i laid it out on the tile floor, and taped the backing down, used some warm & natural batting, and safety pin basted it.  folded it up, and then it sat awhile.

and then i finally quilted it.  which took awhile.  (are you seeing a pattern here?!) i did straight line quilting, a presser foot width from the seams, and i followed the pattern, which made a neat design.


in hindsight, it's maybe a little too heavily quilted in the blocks and a little too 
empty in the rectangles and borders.   baby don't care.


finally, i bound it with some thrifted fabric and stitched it down by hand one night.  and the next night.  and in the van, and at soccer practice.  i took pics and washed it and began using it immediately!

this is the largest quilt i have ever completed.   i finally took it outside and took some marginally better photos of it - but can i tell you that i LOVE it!!  it is so bright and happy and looks just lovely on our couch.  it's the perfect size for the kids to wrap up in.  and, it's done.  

thanks for visiting!!

germs r us

wow - somebody was cranky last night!! ;) i'm feeling much better today. i never did make it upstairs to sew yesterday. that's ok, i got some time in today, and finished my blocks for bee vintage! i'm all caught up there (finally, slacker) and i started cutting out my "swap a rainbow!" charms and vs fq for swap #5. post office on monday!

i did get some fabric love in the mail, maybe that has something to do with my better mood? who could be unhappy with a rainbow pile of fabrics to pet?

this is from the rainbow swap i joined that made me want to host my own swap. i love how they all look together - can't wait to make something beautiful with them!

 you want them, don't you.

well, the good news is you can still get your own! there's space for 2-3 more people in swap a rainbow! but you have to hurry and sign up, fabrics need to be mailed by the 31st.

in other news, now 3 of the kids have strep. alex woke up with a headache and fever.  he was so sad - he missed a friend's birthday party today, and it's his best friend from preschool.  he was looking forward to it for 2 weeks now, he even wrote it on the calendar himself (so stinking cute!)  poor little guy.  there's nothing worse than not being able to make things better.  so we made our own cake and i let him frost and sprinkle.  anyone wanna come over for some streptococcus cake?

Friday, May 13, 2011

welcome back, blogger!

was blogger down? haha, just kidding. i noticed, but i've been too busy for it to really upset my world. but when i googled it and ended up at some forum about bloggity stuff, it amused me how upset people were! ranting about "whoever's responsible for this", yadayada, and i thought - wait - isn't this FREE???

i never think too much about that, but somewhere, someone is making all this stuff work so i can write my silly thoughts down and take pics of my fabric to put online. you know, important stuff.

so, thanks, blogger engineers and tech geeks and code monkeys.

and with that, i have nothing to show for my mini vacay from blogging. lots of eating, not enough working out, sprinkled with some yelling at the kids and a helping or two of strep throat. did mom get sick?? of course not. mom's not allowed to get sick. someday, i really want to get horrendously, violently ill just so my husband can see that yes, i do something around here.

ok not really. because when i got better, i'd have all the stuff that piled up in my sickness to deal with. no thanks. *eats a vitamin*

and now, cue screaming baby who is cutting two teeth at once. of course. i will make it upstairs to sew tonight even if the house falls in around me. watch me.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

make me over!

i just entered my sewing space in bernina's makover contest! wouldn't that be incredible to win.

my sewing nook is in the corner of the family room, and while that has it's benefits, it also means that my mess is always present. i love being able to work while watching the kids play. but it could definitely use some improvement!

voting starts soon, i'll be back to beg your votes then!  i can't believe i actually posted that picture on the internets - how embarrassing!

Monday, May 9, 2011

i need a bigger ironing board

i made my practice block for bee vintage - and it's every bit as easy as heather's tute makes it seem!  except now i am ready to tackle my real block.  except...

how do i fit it on the ironing board?!  i took this pic to make sure i can keep it in order, i'm sure i'll have to do it 1/2 at a time.  this makes me realize my work space needs some more work.  i'm awfully cramped and crowded.  eventually, i will show you all the finished "studio" but for now, a pic of a recent garage sale score.

yep, a (wrinkly) completed baby quilt top.  look at all those set in seams!  i figure, if i can back and quilt it, it will make a nice donation for quilts for kids.  and it was $1.00.  i felt like i was stealing it!  i even happen to have some of the same dot print in my stash.  so this goes on the to-do list...

sign ups are still open for swap a rainbow!  we need 8-10 more people, so tell a friend!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day!

i'm lounging in my pjs after an incredible dinner at my mother-in-laws.  seriously delish.  smoked ham, cheesey taters, homemade rolls, asparagus, salad, and strawberry shortcake.  oof.  am i stuffed.  hope you all were treated as well on this day for us moms.

i am getting a new vacuum for mother's day.  yep, it's true.  well, i also got some sweet drawings from my kids, and a beautiful hanging basket of flowers from my man.  and i ordered myself a bracelet from hope of my heart designs when it was on groopdealz, can't wait to get it!

i really am so blessed.

Friday, May 6, 2011


wouldn't it be funny if i won another giveaway?

well, get ready to laugh! i won a shop credit to weepereas from 30 handmade days! i used it to buy some diy shoe kits, which came super fast and are too cute!  i worked on this pair this morning after i got emma on the bus.  super easy, and i can't believe i waited this long to make baby shoes. my other three kids were so deprived.  pics to come once my model wakes up.  meanwhile, here's a pic from her etsy shop!

these are for sale in her shop!

she also has the coolest baby blankets.  but after four kids, we were pretty well covered (get it?  covered!  bhahaha)  go check out her shop, and thanks so much to mique and beth for the adorable shoe kits!  i think i will have a hard time letting him wear them on anything but our carpet.  they are that sweet.

and have you heard about talkin' tuesday (#talknt) on twitter?  it's a live chat about sewing, every tuesday night, from 8-10pm CST.  (i know the button says different, but if you look at their blog it says 7-9 MST.)  i joined in for the first time a few weeks back, and it was fun!  the host asks sewing related questions and everyone chimes in with responses.  it's fun chatting with everyone!  there are a few girls from guild on there, as well as some well known fabric peeps!  and giveaways each week as well.

so of course, i won.  i know!  you can't stop laughing, can you?!  i won a jumbo ric rac bundle from  and it arrived, seriously, like the next day.  so thanks a bunch to elizabeth at lizzieBcre8tive ! i am planning a quilt top with all these yummy colors just so i can use it!  and be sure to catch it next week.  if you want more details on how to participate in a live chat - no worries, it was my first - there's a great explanation here.

and with sewmamasew's giveaway day coming up, i am feeling extra lucky!  haha, just kidding.  i've decided to sit this one out.  i'll be hosting a giveaway, but i will try to resist the siren call of free stuff.  just this once.  have a great day!


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