Tuesday, May 24, 2011

charity projects

looking for the giveaway post?  it's the next one down!!

i have a couple projects i'm working on - so here's a quick update!

first up - may's inspire blocks for do. good stitches.  she requested square in a square blocks, made from blues and browns, suitable for an older boy.  it will be donated to project linus.

i didn't realize, but if it weren't for dots, i'd be out of luck in the brown department!  these were fun and fast to make.  it always makes me anxious doing these blocks - because i just hope they are ok, that they will play nicely with the other blocks people send, that they won't regret having me in their circle :)

i'm working on another quilts for kids kit.  hopefully i can finish piecing it tonight to begin the quilting.  this one is bright cheery girl colors.

and dana over at old red barn co. is collecting money for the american red cross tornado relief.  you can donate through her site, and then she is giving away a gorgeous quilt.  every dollar you donate is one chance to win.   her husband is from joplin, so it's personal for her.

i'm sure you've seen the damage from the tornado that hit joplin.  i went to college in pittsburg, ks, which is pretty close.  we used to head into the bigger town to eat mexican food, go to the mall, that's even where i got my tattoo.  it's hard to see the photos and imagine that happening to somewhere you know.  so if you can, please give a few dollars.  she's set a goal of $250, so let's help her meet (or exceed) that goal!


sandandstarfish said...

always been a fan of the blues and browns :)

Sara said...

I might have to head over to Dana's and donate:) Do you we have enough for a swappie yet?


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