Sunday, May 15, 2011

germs r us

wow - somebody was cranky last night!! ;) i'm feeling much better today. i never did make it upstairs to sew yesterday. that's ok, i got some time in today, and finished my blocks for bee vintage! i'm all caught up there (finally, slacker) and i started cutting out my "swap a rainbow!" charms and vs fq for swap #5. post office on monday!

i did get some fabric love in the mail, maybe that has something to do with my better mood? who could be unhappy with a rainbow pile of fabrics to pet?

this is from the rainbow swap i joined that made me want to host my own swap. i love how they all look together - can't wait to make something beautiful with them!

 you want them, don't you.

well, the good news is you can still get your own! there's space for 2-3 more people in swap a rainbow! but you have to hurry and sign up, fabrics need to be mailed by the 31st.

in other news, now 3 of the kids have strep. alex woke up with a headache and fever.  he was so sad - he missed a friend's birthday party today, and it's his best friend from preschool.  he was looking forward to it for 2 weeks now, he even wrote it on the calendar himself (so stinking cute!)  poor little guy.  there's nothing worse than not being able to make things better.  so we made our own cake and i let him frost and sprinkle.  anyone wanna come over for some streptococcus cake?


manybooks said...

I would LOVE to join your rainbow swap! I also cant wait to see what fun creations people will make with these stacks of color goodness! Please email me details, and I will cut tomorrow :)

Sara said...

Can you send me your address so I can send you my Stack of goodness-lol?!

Sharon said...

Will have mine in the mail this week. So excited!

Nikki said...

Pretty rainbow fabric! I wish I could join, but I just made myself promise to STOP signing up for swaps for a year. I might not enforce the whole one year thing but since I just promised myself last night, I think signing up for something new today would be a little ridiculous. I've been getting lots done for other people, but not as much for myself, so I'm going to try to weed out the extras that have been taking up too much time. Needing to finish some of my (many, many) UFOs. :)

Sorry sickness has visited your house. Get well before Thursday! KCMQG!

Sharon Pernes said...

I have all my rainbow squares ready, I'll pop them in the mail tomorrow :).
Sorry about your kiddo's getting sick, its so sad that your little one had to miss his buddy's party

Jodie said...

If you still have room, I would love to do this.

Jodie @ ct dot metrocast dot net

pirolices said...

Love the colors!


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