Tuesday, May 3, 2011

got coffee?

target coffee still comes in the old style can. and while i miss grinding my own beans, this is what i drink nowadays. and each time i use up a can, i think hmm. so i decided to make a set of coffee can stilts for the kids to play with and hopefully not break any bones on.

i started by spray painting the outsides red. but guess what! after two quick coats it was obvious that i didn't have that kind of patience! so i said good enough, maybe i can throw some stickers on it to hide the words. and then, when i went to punch holes in the can, i found that the words are on a thin piece of plastic, which peels off fairly easily. so you could, i suppose, peel them off and leave it silver. or paint it. whatev.

i also found out that the cans aren't that sturdy. i used a nail and hammer to punch the holes, and dented the can a bit. so a drill might be better. again, whatev.

then i threaded them with some clothesline rope from the dollar store. red and white cuteness, snip snip, tied a knot and we were in business.


Candice @ Made With Love said...

Great idea! I thought you were going to say that you made homemade ice cream in the coffee cans...yummy! :)

craftytammie said...

ooh - you can do that?! i'll have to save some more cans!!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

That's what I'd call fun on a string! Those coffee cans will be treasured toys until the kids outgrow them! Good for you!



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