Sunday, May 15, 2011

it's bloggers' quilt festival time!

welcome to everyone from amy's creative side! for this time around, i am showing off sharing my hourglass quilt.

up extra dirty

this should win an award! (for procrastination!)  i started it in 2009.  it was a way for me to get over my fear of making a quilt.  i'd been doing a lot of charm swaps on swap-bot, and i had collected a large assortment of 5 inch florals.  i also had a ton of a white tone on tone print i had bought for curtains at our first house that never got made.  that would be 11 years ago.  ahem. 

so, stash bust!  that was my thinking.  and using fabrics that i didn't care much about, so if i ruined it, no biggie.

i decided to try an hourglass block.  so i cut a pile of 5" white charms, paired them with a floral, and started making hourglasses.  and i played with them, taking lots of pics of them laid out on the carpet in poor lighting.


and then they sat for awhile.  and then i figured out a pattern that i liked, and finally pieced them all together.  then it sat awhile.  i finally backed it with a big chunk of thrifted calico and three leftover blocks.

hourglass quilt

and for the first time ever, i laid it out on the tile floor, and taped the backing down, used some warm & natural batting, and safety pin basted it.  folded it up, and then it sat awhile.

and then i finally quilted it.  which took awhile.  (are you seeing a pattern here?!) i did straight line quilting, a presser foot width from the seams, and i followed the pattern, which made a neat design.


in hindsight, it's maybe a little too heavily quilted in the blocks and a little too 
empty in the rectangles and borders.   baby don't care.


finally, i bound it with some thrifted fabric and stitched it down by hand one night.  and the next night.  and in the van, and at soccer practice.  i took pics and washed it and began using it immediately!

this is the largest quilt i have ever completed.   i finally took it outside and took some marginally better photos of it - but can i tell you that i LOVE it!!  it is so bright and happy and looks just lovely on our couch.  it's the perfect size for the kids to wrap up in.  and, it's done.  

thanks for visiting!!


Sara said...

I have not tried the hourglass yet, but I love yours! I like the story you had behind it and girl, you have some patience it seems at least;0) You kept at it for years,slowly, but surely you finished and all that quilting looks amazing. Just love it!!

Rosalyn Manesse said...

So glad to see a quilt made with that old-timey pattern. Looks great

twin fibers said...

he, he... that baby pict. is soo cute! :) Your quilt looks great, it's bright and happy! Congrats on finishing it!

Esther said...

Truly beautiful quilt!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty andfresh!

Steffi´s Candy Quilts said...

Very beautiful quilt! All good things take some time to finish, and doesn´t it feel wonderful to finally sew the last stitches? :-)
I love the first picture, the quilt has such an "antique" look.

Teje said...

So beautiful quilt! I love the triangles, beautiful colours with white! Joyful and lovely!

martilindsey said...

Love the white! I think we tend to try and "fill up" quilts with patterned blocks. It nice to see all of the negative space. Nice quilt!

stitchinpenny said...

Great quilt, the binding is my favorite since I didn't expect it.

Side Stitches said...

Ohh, I love this pattern! And those big eyes! So cute! Thanks for sharing :)

Vicky said...

I think I'll need to try an hourglass block too. I think the quilting is just nice for this quilt. Thanks for sharing.


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