Wednesday, May 4, 2011

rainbow inspiration

i quickly found these photos on flickr - there are tons more out there, lots of great ideas!

1. I Spy Quilt, 2. the completed quilt top, 3. Rainbow I spy, 4. IMG_1477, 5. Rainbow Squares, 6. Rainbow Star Quilt top, 7. rainbow geese quilt, 8. Rainbow Block Quilting 2, 9. P & F Pinwheels Quilt, 10. TNT Quilt ~ In All Its Glory, 11. DQS10 finished, 12. midwest metro link, 13. Stacked Rainbows, 14. another tiny work :)!!, 15. do. Good Stitches quilt, 16. single girl #1, 17. up extra dirty, 18. rainbow 9-patch quilt top, 19. Quilting Divas , 20. Star Quilt - Top

since we are swapping 4 inch blocks, i'd also like to share a tutorial my friend heather just did on her blog quilt.cook.keep.  it looks hard but is super easy, i'm working on one for bee vintage.  here's her block from the tutorial:

heather's block
cut out squares, iron them on the fusible grid, then stitch along the grid lines.  with our 200 rainbow charms, you could cut them into 2" squares (and have 800!) and make some really cool pillows, a tote, or even a quilt!  how fantastic would this block be in a rainbow layout?

what are you thinking you'll do with your blocks?  signups are still open!


Sara said...

I am eying up #14 and the very last one which looks like a Rita quilt from Red Pepper Quilts.

The pic of the 2" squares is a beauty too,yummy colors;)

We are 1/2 way to 19 right??

craftytammie said...

yes, i could have done an entire mosaic of red pepper quilts - her work is incredible!! and i need to doublecheck but we're getting close to 19. i can double or triple my squares if we are a person or two short. no worries. :)


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