Tuesday, May 17, 2011

rainbow swap update

i have already started to get squares in the mail! marti, sara, and celeste - yours are here, thanks a bunch! i've started cutting on mine. here's a peek at a few...

more are on their way - i am so excited to see them all together!  i will update the swap page as fabrics come in, so if you've sent yours and don't see them on the list, let me know please. we got 20 people signed up which is awesome! 
  it looks like about $3.25 to mail.  be sure to get postage on your SASE!!  sara was charged more than that - hopefully no one else has trouble. i remember the strange looks i got the first time i tried to mail fabric this way - patiently explain to them that you need the same amount of postage on the returning envelope as it takes to mail the original. and then rexplain if need be. :)

OH - learn from my mistakes. be sure to use tape to seal the envelopes shut - sometimes the adhesives don't hold and you could end up losing your pretty rainbows in the USPS. so far three packages have arrived just fine! thanks a bunch!


Sara said...

They did mine as media mail which made it around $11:( Oh well what r ya gonna do! You should get mine in a few days. So happy we have enough people with one more.

Duff said...

I'll get these out today or tomorrow:

Mary Anne said...

Tammie - Will you be at KC MQG tomorrow night? If so, I'll bring my rainbow and my SASE then.


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