Saturday, May 28, 2011

randomly rambling

i've moved a few more projects up the to-do list. first up - shorts for the boys out of all these novelty fabrics they begged me to buy. they are so fast to make, i can easily finish them in one sitting.

i made the red pirate ones wednesday night, and alex wore them to emma's school assembly thursday.
yes, i did pull them out of the hamper to photograph.  yes, that is mud.

i haven't made any for a year or two - so i had to redraw my pattern for a bigger size. my old pattern you laid on the fold, eliminating the need to sew side seams. but it also meant that the back and front were the same, which meant my boys' undies were always peeking out the back. 

this time i started out with the pattern at made. it has a separate front and back piece, which makes it fit better. her boy must be a skinny little thing though - i think my 9 month old can wear her 2T! i enlarged it a lot by adding to the sides, and then i eyeballed it against a pair of shorts that fit well, and made a few more tweaks.

even still, they seemed a bit short in the back seam. so when i cut out the sponge bob ones, i added a little more to the back piece. they seem to fit better, although i had two different models so maybe alex's butt is just bigger LOL.  and someday i will learn to adjust my pattern pieces before cutting, so i don't end up with identical images on each side.  see the two patricks on his hipbones, and spongebob blowing bubbles on the bottom hem?  oh well.

i fussy cut a patrick pocket for these, so he has a place to put all the dandelions and weeds he picks for me.

and i finally put a drawstring in a pair of my hubby's scrubs - it's only been sitting there for months!  next up is painting shelves for my sewing nook.  hopefully the weather will cooperate, but i'm thinking more rain is on the way today.  at least my flowers are enjoying all the drinks.

my mother's day flowers - so pretty!

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