Friday, May 6, 2011


wouldn't it be funny if i won another giveaway?

well, get ready to laugh! i won a shop credit to weepereas from 30 handmade days! i used it to buy some diy shoe kits, which came super fast and are too cute!  i worked on this pair this morning after i got emma on the bus.  super easy, and i can't believe i waited this long to make baby shoes. my other three kids were so deprived.  pics to come once my model wakes up.  meanwhile, here's a pic from her etsy shop!

these are for sale in her shop!

she also has the coolest baby blankets.  but after four kids, we were pretty well covered (get it?  covered!  bhahaha)  go check out her shop, and thanks so much to mique and beth for the adorable shoe kits!  i think i will have a hard time letting him wear them on anything but our carpet.  they are that sweet.

and have you heard about talkin' tuesday (#talknt) on twitter?  it's a live chat about sewing, every tuesday night, from 8-10pm CST.  (i know the button says different, but if you look at their blog it says 7-9 MST.)  i joined in for the first time a few weeks back, and it was fun!  the host asks sewing related questions and everyone chimes in with responses.  it's fun chatting with everyone!  there are a few girls from guild on there, as well as some well known fabric peeps!  and giveaways each week as well.

so of course, i won.  i know!  you can't stop laughing, can you?!  i won a jumbo ric rac bundle from  and it arrived, seriously, like the next day.  so thanks a bunch to elizabeth at lizzieBcre8tive ! i am planning a quilt top with all these yummy colors just so i can use it!  and be sure to catch it next week.  if you want more details on how to participate in a live chat - no worries, it was my first - there's a great explanation here.

and with sewmamasew's giveaway day coming up, i am feeling extra lucky!  haha, just kidding.  i've decided to sit this one out.  i'll be hosting a giveaway, but i will try to resist the siren call of free stuff.  just this once.  have a great day!

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Sara said...

I do #talknt as well and love the quilting talk with other girls and guys!!

Love that ricrac,cannot wait to see what you make with it.

I have started cutting 4" squares for the swap;)


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