Sunday, May 1, 2011

swap a rainbow - the rules

so it sounds like there is some interest in doing this swap!  yay!

here's the FAQ's:
(edited to answer some questions from the comments)

each person in the swap will choose 10 fat quarters(18" x 22") one in each of the following colors:  red, blue, pink, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, turquoise, and black, or/& white.   i think you could add gray into the b&w category, there are so many great gray prints out there!

we want to be able to tell what color these fabrics are from a distance.  monochromatic & white or black prints on a color - fine by me. if you have to talk yourself into believing it's a certain color, it's probably lovely but not right for this swap :)

cut each of your fat quarters into 20 4 inch squares.  there's a how-to at bolo heads if you need a visual!

i ask that you send good quality fabrics - these will probably be used for quilting, and not be prewashed, so we don't want any colors running or excessive shrinking from bargain bin cheapo fabrics.  do unto others, yadayada etc.

my LQS sells FQ for $1.50 (i know!), Joann's has some nice fabrics you could get cut (new denyse schmidt, anyone??).  no walmart, or cheap quality stuff. or shop your stash. whatever you choose, share that good fabric!

Q.  but what if my fabrics are already washed?
A.  no worries.  they'll be fine.  but no need to prewash your spankin' new fabrics.

Q.  can i cut with scissors?
A.  i recommend the use of a rotary cutter and ruler.  but if you can rock a pair of scissors and not send any wonky 4" squares, you go on with your self.

Q.  how many squares will i get in return?
A.  you send 200, you will get 200 back.  20 each of 10 colors.  let's use red for example,  you will get one 4" red square from 19 other people plus the one red square you send in.  same goes for blue, yellow, etc.

Q.  do all 20 of my squares within a color need to be cut from the same fabric?
A.  no, feel free to stash bust! mix and match!  but if you don't have a huge stash, the fat quarter option is an easy way to get the squares you need and cut them fast!

Q.  can i send solid color fabrics?
A.  only if they are a heavy quilting cotton, like kona or moda bella.  

Q.  what do i do with all my squares?
A.  if you want to be my new BFF, you will sort all 200 of those squares into 20 separate piles, each pile containing one square of each ten fabrics.  that will save me a step!  stack them up, place in a baggie with your name and address inside (just in case) tuck those squares into a large envelope,  and include a SASE for the return trip.

don't seal that envelope yet!  when you go to mail it, have them give you the postage required, and put it on both envelopes.  then insert the SASE, seal it up, and send it my way!

Q.  where do i send them?!
A.  i will email you my address at the link you leave me when you sign up.  so if you have your profile set to "no reply", be sure to leave your email in your comment.

Q.  how do i join this swap?
A.  leave a comment below with an email or link to your blog.  i will make a linky list of swap members, so we can all make some new friends and see what fab stuff everyone makes with their squares!

let's set a deadline of May 31st to get them shipped and on their way.  i will ship them back out as soon as they all come in.  i'm going to leave signups open until may 15th or we get 19 people (20 including myself).  if you want to join in, you'll need to leave a comment below on this post!  then run tell a friend, because the sooner we get 19 peeps, the sooner we can get our pretty rainbows back to us!!


Sara said...

SASE? I am signing up!

Sara said...

DUH! Looked it up:) Sorry:P

martilindsey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
martilindsey said...

Yes...count me in!

Marti in San Diego

martilindsey (at) hotmail

Mary Grace McNamara said...

I'm in! Please put my name on the list! But it's past my bedtime and I can't seem to figure out how many blocks we will each receive in return. Love the rainbow idea!


Mary Anne said...

Tammi - I'm very interested, but I have a question...because I see a scrap busting opportunity here. Do all 20 squares of a single color (pink, for example) have to be of the same fabric? It seems to me it would be OK to mix up different fabrics within a color group.

If so, count me in!

Mary Anne

Sharon said...

Woo hoo! I'm in, too.

Sharon Pernes said...

Sounds fun, sign me up!

Angie said...

Sounds like fun - count me in!

Becky said...

Oh I'm so in!

beckyfdavis at comcast dot net

Chiska said...

I've been trying to resist, but I just can't. Count me in too.

Celeste said...

Count me in.
Celeste Johnson

Betsy Lynn said...

I want to be in too!

Carrie said...

I'm in! carriebjacobs(at)yahoo

Nancy said...

I just saw your e-mail. Is it too late for me to sign up?
Let me know asap so I can start buying!!!!!
Nancy Oakes

Duff said...

yeah, I can handle this! Still room for one nutbag? Nutbag with fabric and postage, that is...

Mary said...

It is a bad personal time now. I can't quilt, too hard to concentrate. Maybe I can cut up 10 fat quarters. Am I too late?

Sarah said...

Still open??

Sara said...

I am wondering who contributed the yellow mannequin fabric. Love it,but can't find it anywhere!!:(

Sharon Pernes said...

When I got home from being away for a month my rainbow package was there! Thank you everyone for the great rainbow and to craftytammie for the extra goodies!


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