Thursday, May 26, 2011

swap a rainbow - the update

that makes it sound so important, doesn't it?

photo found via google images

so i finished updating the list - so far i've received from 12 people, some really lovely fabrics too! i still need to look through my emails for sent rainbows. but, if you have sent or think i should have gotten yours by now, please let me know! last day for mailing is the 31st, next tuesday! if you can't get yours out by then, please don't be afraid to tell me. i can cover for one, maybe two people but i need a little notice to get squares cut.

thanks again, everyone, for joining in my swap! i love getting these goodies in the mail every day, and i think you'll be super happy when you get them back, too. don't forget, the day i mail i'll be drawing a winner for a prize - it's a secret for now but i hope you'll like it!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

How exciting! I cut my squares last night and just need to finish sorting them into rainbow piles. Should be mailing tomorrow.


martilindsey said...

You have mine :-)

Marti in San Diego

Sharon said...

You should have received mine by the early part of this week but I haven't heard. I think I mailed it last Thursday or maybe it was Friday.


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