Wednesday, May 25, 2011

tea for teacher

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this morning, around 10:30, i realized i never got my teacher gifts finished! i was trying to pretty up some scissors using this tute from crap i've made. mine were less than perfect though. cute, but nothing i'd be proud to give as a gift. ah well. scrambling with only an hour & a half til bus pickup, this is what i came up with!

luckily, i'd picked up a bunch of lipton green tea powdered mixes. these little packs pour into a bottle of water and taste pretty darn good. i also like the crystal light ones. anyways, my original thought was to find some cute plastic cups with straws and tuck some mixes inside.  ( i saw someone do it on pinterest, and it was a fun idea) but i never found a cup that i liked that wasn't too expensive. the dollar store had water bottles, which could have worked, i suppose.

what i did was use this idea from family fun magazine. only instead of a tea bag, i tucked in three pouches of the tea mix. i only had solid color card stock, so i used patterned paper to make the pockets and tags. and i didn't use the template at their site because i couldn't get to my printer.

i think they turned out cute, and i hope they will like them! alex thought they were fun.  not my best teacher gifts ever, but i did take two trays of cookies up to the teacher's lounge two weeks ago - does that count?  :)


Sara said...

Who doesn't love those!! Go Mom:)

Sharon said...

As a retired teacher I can say with authority that your gifts will be greatly appreciated.


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