Friday, May 13, 2011

welcome back, blogger!

was blogger down? haha, just kidding. i noticed, but i've been too busy for it to really upset my world. but when i googled it and ended up at some forum about bloggity stuff, it amused me how upset people were! ranting about "whoever's responsible for this", yadayada, and i thought - wait - isn't this FREE???

i never think too much about that, but somewhere, someone is making all this stuff work so i can write my silly thoughts down and take pics of my fabric to put online. you know, important stuff.

so, thanks, blogger engineers and tech geeks and code monkeys.

and with that, i have nothing to show for my mini vacay from blogging. lots of eating, not enough working out, sprinkled with some yelling at the kids and a helping or two of strep throat. did mom get sick?? of course not. mom's not allowed to get sick. someday, i really want to get horrendously, violently ill just so my husband can see that yes, i do something around here.

ok not really. because when i got better, i'd have all the stuff that piled up in my sickness to deal with. no thanks. *eats a vitamin*

and now, cue screaming baby who is cutting two teeth at once. of course. i will make it upstairs to sew tonight even if the house falls in around me. watch me.

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