Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of july!

lee hansen graphics

i'm getting ready for the big weekend - are you?!

i made a sheet for the pack-n-play.  after three other kids, it's seen better days and was so dirty! we leave it on the patio all the time (because we're lazy), so the cats are always sleeping in it. and since we have bbqs and stuff to attend, i didn't want to be embarrassed. i used the tutes at prudent baby, easy peasy. and a large chunk of fabric from the stash is put to use, win win!  it's a little big, because i wasn't sure if the fabric had been prewashed, and didn't want it to shrink and not fit.  but it works just fine.

and while making it, decided this fabric is going to be in a quilt.  i love the faint green plaid.

last night i made some apple pie booze to take to the family reunion.  it smelled so good while it simmered!  i think next time i will try captain morgan's instead of everclear - i am a bit nervous about that part!  i am going to pour it into canning jars and add some labels.  i found a bunch, here's some links -
treat tags and cupcake toppers
patriotic printables
invites and more
link round up
the motherhuddle 
but i'm still looking for an apple pie themed label or tag - if you know of one, please share it in a comment!!  i may have to just make one in picnik.

i also made up some freezer paper stencils for shirts to wear to the family reunion!  i love how they turned out!

here's the first one done:

pretty fun - and i finally tried freezer paper stenciling!  yay, me!  although it would be sooooo much easier with a silhouette.  i'm not too precise with an exacto knife.  ah well, it's sure to get some laughs!

next up - a tee for my pyromaniac son...

i'm not really looking forward to his teen years!  my husband tells me about the stuff he did growing up, like roman candle fights in the woods, and i think not MY boys.  yeah, right.  i freehand drew the words on this one, and so it def. looks homemade, but that's ok.  it was a stained tee anyways, now it's a little bit cooler.

looking sharp!

cleaning out my posts folder - i came across this one i never shared!  enjoy...

have you seen modpodged scissors? here's a tute. out of ideas for a teacher gift, i decided to copy char and give them to the teachers at greeley grade. i hit up the dollar store for scissors, and picked out black and pink handles. they also had blue and orange.

these really are pink, not red.

i bought myself two pairs of these, to practice on. i like the first style better than this style, because look - no hinge to cut around.  which was kind of a pain, but i do like how it looks.

i had to order the mod podge dimensional magic from hobby lobby because, let's face it, HL's an hour away and i don't go in there anymore with kids in tow. and my kids are ALWAYS in tow. i can't even pee without them hanging around, why would i get to shop without them?

so i ordered it (and a bunch of other crap, since i had to pay shipping) and got to work picking out papers from my meager stash. i think what i came up with looks good though! i loved her idea of using cake decorating bags to wrap them up in!

so - the first pair i tried, i had a hard time filing off the excess. mine just fuzzed and looked awful. i made a better template, so i wouldn't have to file so much off.  better. right?!

i think the end result is just ok. some of my mod podge settled and left a dip in the middle.  some of it ran off because i put too much on.  i decided against giving these to the teachers, since i didn't have time to road test them first.  but i may tuck the idea away for the future.  meanwhile, i have a bunch of new scissors, so why can't i ever find a pair when i need one???

Sunday, June 26, 2011

spray paint

i realized after posting about my mug tree/headband holder that i called it a craft.  ha!  spray painting is hardly creative!  well, unless you're one of those guys in mexico who make spray paint art.

you've seen the trend of spraying everything in sight? of course you have.  it's everywhere.

well, i was spraying when spraying wasn't cool.  i've been painting my hand me down furniture since college.  (back in MY day...)  i was painting things flat black many years ago, after seeing a spread in martha stewart where they mentioned it was a good way to unify a bunch of unmatched pieces.  it's gotten to the point that my mom will inform me  "you can have this wood dresser to use - but you MAY NOT paint it."  she didn't say a word when i painted our first born's crib black (but i could see her cringing).  one friend wasn't as kind, and said "the poor thing will look like it's in jail!"  and now look.  it's everywhere.

where was i going with this.  oh yeah - the trend!  something i never thought of was painting vases and mason jars.  i especially love the antique blue jars - and now you can make your own.  

i spray painted a vase yesterday, and i love love love it!  it's krylon island breeze.  i painted the outside, so i could still put water inside.  but be careful, it will scratch off.  talk about instant gratification, i love a quick project!  when we redo the kitchen, i'll collect a bunch of thrift store glass and paint them in aqua, lime, and white to display above my cabinets.  my rustic-chicken-antique stuff will have to find a new home. for now, though, i can't wait for my zinnias to bloom!  they'll look so pretty in my "new" vase!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


so i sat out sewmamasew's giveaway day, to give you all a better chance (hee hee)  but the luck continues - and i wanted to share some of my latest loot with you guys!  and of course give a shout out to the generous & fabulous giveaway hosts!

my first prize was from cyndi broadhead & want wickless.  i heard about her giveaway on facebook, and won a complete scentsy warmer system!  yes, seriously!   i love my scensty - especially mochadoodle, mmm.  i chose the casbah warmer, and i'm so glad i did.  it has smaller holes, and makes such a pretty pattern when the light is on.  i tried a few new scents, and i like them all.  flutter, sugar, and pomatini.  my husband didn't care for the pomatini though.  so now i have a warmer upstairs and one downstairs, and i love how it fills the house with fragrance, without overwhelming you. 

side note - if you have small kids - keep this up high.  i have one on top of our armoire, but had the other on our end table.  my three year old dumped some of the liquid wax out - he didn't get burned, but it was a big mess.

so thanks again cyndi - i love it!! 

i also won a prize over at decorchick - have you heard of willow house?  they have amazing home decor items and i seriously want one of everything.  well, i won a $50 visa card from willow house consultant emily fox, and now i can go shopping!  be sure to check out their outlet - i'm loving this.

i can think of a bunch of uses for it, besides tableware.  like in my bathroom to hold my hair dryer and products?  or on my craft table for scissors and stuff?

and since i can't shake the luck, i bought some powerball tickets last week.  alas, no wins. maybe next time...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

craft fail?

i have been looking for a way to organize my daughter's hair stuff.  specifically, her headbands.  i tried making a holder out of an oatmeal container, but it wasn't what i wanted.  so i found this mug tree at a yard sale, and thought aha!  i sprayed it with some yellow krylon - and i didn't prime.  which i regretted almost immediately. 

after three quick sprays, it's still not covered.  and the finish is crackly.

i will probably sand this down, prime it, and repaint it.  but for now, it's working well to hold everything!  you could also use this for jewelry - the top two could hold necklaces, the bottom two bracelets, and rings and such around the bottom.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

deep thoughts...

oh, here's the latest of deep thinking.  why oh why don't solids have their color name and maker printed on the edge like all prints do?  i'd love to know for sure that my chunk of white is kona white and not kona snow, and with all the selvedge projects out there, don't you think peeps would use them too?  i tweeted it last night to both moda and rk but so far, no response.  prolly cause they are scrambling to change it right now.  ha.  ha. 

i'd been flipping through photostreams on flickr a few weeks back, oohing and ahhing over displays from SLC.  quilt market is in KC next spring, and i so want to go!  it's not open to the public though, and i wondered - how big of a business do you need to be to attend?  i looked around on the website and saw some guidelines, but for a "designer" (a bit lofty for me, i know) it seems you just need a business card?  info on this from any of you connected folk would be appreciated! 

quilt labels - love 'em or hate 'em?  quilts for kids has a label they ask you to sign and attach to your completed kit quilt.  and the project linus quilt alex received as a baby came with an unsigned one.  (which i removed, shh...)  i understand doing a label on a quilt for someone special, as a to & from,  & i love how angela just quilts their names right into it!  but overall, i don't like or use labels.  scandalous!! i know!  what do you think?

am i the only one who loves the feel of flannel at first, but gets skeeved out by it as it wears down and pills?  i don't know if i could ever bring myself to make a quilt with it.  i've done blankies, bibs, and burp cloths out of it, but don't think i could put the time into making a rag quilt or patchwork only to cringe after a few washes...

and finally, i have a new love for my superhero antibiotics (formally known as amox/k clav).  i have zero appetite.  and i'm a big eater.  like, truck driver kind of eater.  i should be down to fighting weight in time for my 20 year high school reunion next month!   i kid of course, but i'm having to make myself eat when i take my meds, and i'm eating healthy stuff like oatmeal and yogurt instead of bacon and bacon. 

unfortunately, i've missed out on my last three jazzercise classes being sick, but i am hoping to go tomorrow morning.  today is the first day i feel like being upright since friday.  don't laugh at me, jazzercise has been kicking my butt.  i knew i was out of shape, but i apparently have the lungs of an eighty year old smoker.  and i never knew i was so uncoordinated!  cheryl burke i'm not.

Monday, June 20, 2011

slowly but surely...

still sprucing up the sewing nook.  i have some shelf/cubbies ready to hang, others waiting for more paint.  they work perfectly for FQs.   and remember me telling you about the comic book boards?  here's how sweet that turned out!  and, silly me, i thought 100 boards would be plenty.  ahem.  i'm a little embarrassed to go back for more.

on my $13 yard sale bookshelf!

i scored a wooden cabinet for 1.99, and a wire basket thingy too.  i need a fresh coat of paint for the shelves, and the wire basket has already been cleaned and put to use storing my vintage sheets that i'm listing on etsy.  i have been working on getting them all cut and photographed, and should have some new ones listed tonight! 

and finally, a finished project to share.  another from the pile.  it started out as a set of placemats, but once i pieced one, i was over it.  turns out it's perfect for the side of my sink, for air drying bottles and such.  yay!

in other news, i woke up friday night dying.  turns out i have strep throat.  day three of superhero antibiotics and i am finally getting better.  gah.  the worst.  and my poor husband spent his father's day weekend being mommy to a fussy, two eye teeth cutting, miserable  feeling little 10 month old and assorted other children.  while cooking his own father's day breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  all while i slept and he brought me ice water.  i love that man.

Monday, June 13, 2011

spoiler alert!

some more ideas:

the stop, drop, & roll quilt along has a quick block made from charms!   this could be great with all our colors.

here's a fast fun way to make 4 half square triangles at once! pair each 4 inch charm with another charm. you could use a solid white or gray. or a contrasting color (it could be a light and a dark, or a red and turquoise, etc.) and sew along all four outside edges. then, cut in half along the diagonal, then in half the other way. tada! 4 perfect little bitty half square triangles. ready to become a pinwheel, or perhaps a value quilt, or an amish triangle quilt?

you could, of course, just make a patchwork quilt. a nine patch in each color would be nice.

and now, if you want a surprise in the mailbox, stop reading now!

you should be getting your packages this week!  please let me know when they arrive - i will worry until they are safely home.  i got half sent saturday, the other half today.  i didn't think it would take me so long to package them up.  but my ocd kicked in, and i couldn't send them without sorting and counting each square.  in each package.
i did.
until the wee hours of the morning.
it was a good thing, too, because a few charms had stuck together, which would have meant someone got an extra and someone else would have been short one.
(um, not in MY swap!)
so i'm hoping i got them all straight now.  but if not, please be gentle with me. 

also, some peeps sent a variety of charms within a color, so if you don't get the exact same ones pictured, that's why.  but i love what we got!

i sent along some of my favorite vintage charms.  i can't remember if i've ever posted about these before.  i got them at an estate sale, or yard sale, years ago, before i got back into sewing.  a bag filled with literally a thousand or more of these 3 inch charms (or 3 1/2"? can't remember offhand) that were all cut by hand, using paper templates, which were still with the charms.


i add a couple in every swap i do.  my dream is to see all the cool things people have made with them!  so far, i've only seen one project with them in it.  maybe we're the only two people who liked them?  hope not!  (here's a link to another!  woohoo!)but if you do use them, be sure to send me a link so i can check it out!  someday i will figure out a quilt to make with them.  but the thought of sewing all those little squares is a bit daunting. 

i also made everybody in the swap a little rainbow keychain, with this tutorial.  only my circles were way wonky, so i switched to squares and i think they are sweet.   they look like little rainbow raviolis!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

sheesh, another update

ok girls - i'm still waiting on one package. i've sent her an email, but haven't heard back.   i can cover the extra squares out of my stash.  sorry for the delay, i know some of you are waiting anxiously!   i've already started cutting the extra squares, so i should get them finished this afternoon.  then i'll pop them in the mail, so hopefully you'll be getting them as soon as saturday or monday!

i promised a giveaway to one lucky swap member - but made me feel bad for leaving everyone else out.  i decided to give something to everybody instead!  so there will be a sweet surprise tucked into each of your packages.  hope you're all ok with that?  :)

thanks again for joining and playing along with my swap!  it was so much fun for me, i loved getting to meet new people and chat with old friends!  and i'm sure i will do another one soon!  so if you have any swap ideas(color themes, jelly roll strips, etc.), or would be interested in joining in another, be sure to let me know!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


still making and playing around with my half square triangles.

white off set zigzags

still changing my mind daily about what i want to make.

loving this!

still wishing i had a design wall.
still planning more ideas to share with you.
still waiting on one package in the mail, so i can send your rainbows back to you! 
see you tomorrow.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

what to make

all the rainbows are sent off to me - so hopefully by this weekend, i will be mailing them back to you!  hooray!  don't be mad at me, but i already started playing with mine!  i'll be doing some idea posts, and showing you some easy things you can do with all your blocks.

my old standby is half square triangles.  if you've never done them, watch this video - great tips and it shows how easy they are!  (plus, i want the quilt in the background - so bad!)  i paired mine up with solid white 4 inch charms.

so fast when you chain piece them, and you can knock out a pile of them in one sitting.  my kind of sewing!  so i whipped up a couple last night and played around with some layouts.

what do you think?  besides that i need to clean my carpet!  those are shadows, people, not stains.  i promise.

you could also do zig zags, chevrons, pinwheels - it's so much fun and hard to choose!  i like them all!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

new skirt

i made this skirt for emma sunday - using this tute at grace violet. i already cut out another in black and white houndstooth and pink eiffel tower fabric. it was so fun and fast to make!  i made my own waistband though. thinking i need a skirt like this for me.

she wore it monday, and despite the wind we tried for a photo. then we gave up. and at the time, i was thinking about taking bets on how long my green gazing ball would survive. and we woke tuesday morning to find it shattered everywhere. the stinkin' wind strikes again. what a mess. and those pieces are so sharp! i sliced open my finger and am paranoid that i missed some pieces in the grass.  oh well.  more skirts to come!  i'll probably add some length to it and maybe try 4 (or more) fabrics on one.  thanks for a great pattern, kristin!



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