Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of july!

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i'm getting ready for the big weekend - are you?!

i made a sheet for the pack-n-play.  after three other kids, it's seen better days and was so dirty! we leave it on the patio all the time (because we're lazy), so the cats are always sleeping in it. and since we have bbqs and stuff to attend, i didn't want to be embarrassed. i used the tutes at prudent baby, easy peasy. and a large chunk of fabric from the stash is put to use, win win!  it's a little big, because i wasn't sure if the fabric had been prewashed, and didn't want it to shrink and not fit.  but it works just fine.

and while making it, decided this fabric is going to be in a quilt.  i love the faint green plaid.

last night i made some apple pie booze to take to the family reunion.  it smelled so good while it simmered!  i think next time i will try captain morgan's instead of everclear - i am a bit nervous about that part!  i am going to pour it into canning jars and add some labels.  i found a bunch, here's some links -
treat tags and cupcake toppers
patriotic printables
invites and more
link round up
the motherhuddle 
but i'm still looking for an apple pie themed label or tag - if you know of one, please share it in a comment!!  i may have to just make one in picnik.

i also made up some freezer paper stencils for shirts to wear to the family reunion!  i love how they turned out!

here's the first one done:

pretty fun - and i finally tried freezer paper stenciling!  yay, me!  although it would be sooooo much easier with a silhouette.  i'm not too precise with an exacto knife.  ah well, it's sure to get some laughs!

next up - a tee for my pyromaniac son...

i'm not really looking forward to his teen years!  my husband tells me about the stuff he did growing up, like roman candle fights in the woods, and i think not MY boys.  yeah, right.  i freehand drew the words on this one, and so it def. looks homemade, but that's ok.  it was a stained tee anyways, now it's a little bit cooler.

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Sharon said...

Aren't you a busy lady!


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