Thursday, June 30, 2011

looking sharp!

cleaning out my posts folder - i came across this one i never shared!  enjoy...

have you seen modpodged scissors? here's a tute. out of ideas for a teacher gift, i decided to copy char and give them to the teachers at greeley grade. i hit up the dollar store for scissors, and picked out black and pink handles. they also had blue and orange.

these really are pink, not red.

i bought myself two pairs of these, to practice on. i like the first style better than this style, because look - no hinge to cut around.  which was kind of a pain, but i do like how it looks.

i had to order the mod podge dimensional magic from hobby lobby because, let's face it, HL's an hour away and i don't go in there anymore with kids in tow. and my kids are ALWAYS in tow. i can't even pee without them hanging around, why would i get to shop without them?

so i ordered it (and a bunch of other crap, since i had to pay shipping) and got to work picking out papers from my meager stash. i think what i came up with looks good though! i loved her idea of using cake decorating bags to wrap them up in!

so - the first pair i tried, i had a hard time filing off the excess. mine just fuzzed and looked awful. i made a better template, so i wouldn't have to file so much off.  better. right?!

i think the end result is just ok. some of my mod podge settled and left a dip in the middle.  some of it ran off because i put too much on.  i decided against giving these to the teachers, since i didn't have time to road test them first.  but i may tuck the idea away for the future.  meanwhile, i have a bunch of new scissors, so why can't i ever find a pair when i need one???

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