Wednesday, June 1, 2011

new skirt

i made this skirt for emma sunday - using this tute at grace violet. i already cut out another in black and white houndstooth and pink eiffel tower fabric. it was so fun and fast to make!  i made my own waistband though. thinking i need a skirt like this for me.

she wore it monday, and despite the wind we tried for a photo. then we gave up. and at the time, i was thinking about taking bets on how long my green gazing ball would survive. and we woke tuesday morning to find it shattered everywhere. the stinkin' wind strikes again. what a mess. and those pieces are so sharp! i sliced open my finger and am paranoid that i missed some pieces in the grass.  oh well.  more skirts to come!  i'll probably add some length to it and maybe try 4 (or more) fabrics on one.  thanks for a great pattern, kristin!



katie jean said...

how cute! I love making skirts too, and wish my girl was still into wearing them :)
p.s. doesn't the wind just bite sometimes!

Sara said...

Every time I finish a quilt it seems the weather turns sour:/ Weather is really unpredictable to say the least.

Gorgeous skirt!!!


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