Monday, June 20, 2011

slowly but surely...

still sprucing up the sewing nook.  i have some shelf/cubbies ready to hang, others waiting for more paint.  they work perfectly for FQs.   and remember me telling you about the comic book boards?  here's how sweet that turned out!  and, silly me, i thought 100 boards would be plenty.  ahem.  i'm a little embarrassed to go back for more.

on my $13 yard sale bookshelf!

i scored a wooden cabinet for 1.99, and a wire basket thingy too.  i need a fresh coat of paint for the shelves, and the wire basket has already been cleaned and put to use storing my vintage sheets that i'm listing on etsy.  i have been working on getting them all cut and photographed, and should have some new ones listed tonight! 

and finally, a finished project to share.  another from the pile.  it started out as a set of placemats, but once i pieced one, i was over it.  turns out it's perfect for the side of my sink, for air drying bottles and such.  yay!

in other news, i woke up friday night dying.  turns out i have strep throat.  day three of superhero antibiotics and i am finally getting better.  gah.  the worst.  and my poor husband spent his father's day weekend being mommy to a fussy, two eye teeth cutting, miserable  feeling little 10 month old and assorted other children.  while cooking his own father's day breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  all while i slept and he brought me ice water.  i love that man.


Sara said...

Your sewing area is looking good. Nice vintage sheets. I just hit the jackpot with some too:) Love vintage sheets.

Sorry to hear that you were sick. Hope you are back to your ole' self soon. Then you can work on those HST's;) I have mine in the trimming stage now and then I can lay them all out---so FUN!!

I bought some fabric to make one of the side counter dish drier thingies. Looks like yours is working very well. I adore your colors.

Lauranie said...

so...I'm like a MONTH behind in my commenting...sorry!!! Your sewing space looks soooooo nice and organized, I think I am jealous!! I LOVE the retangle cubby with the cute is THAT!! :) I am hoping by now that you are all healed up and enjoying your summer!! xo


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