Monday, June 13, 2011

spoiler alert!

some more ideas:

the stop, drop, & roll quilt along has a quick block made from charms!   this could be great with all our colors.

here's a fast fun way to make 4 half square triangles at once! pair each 4 inch charm with another charm. you could use a solid white or gray. or a contrasting color (it could be a light and a dark, or a red and turquoise, etc.) and sew along all four outside edges. then, cut in half along the diagonal, then in half the other way. tada! 4 perfect little bitty half square triangles. ready to become a pinwheel, or perhaps a value quilt, or an amish triangle quilt?

you could, of course, just make a patchwork quilt. a nine patch in each color would be nice.

and now, if you want a surprise in the mailbox, stop reading now!

you should be getting your packages this week!  please let me know when they arrive - i will worry until they are safely home.  i got half sent saturday, the other half today.  i didn't think it would take me so long to package them up.  but my ocd kicked in, and i couldn't send them without sorting and counting each square.  in each package.
i did.
until the wee hours of the morning.
it was a good thing, too, because a few charms had stuck together, which would have meant someone got an extra and someone else would have been short one.
(um, not in MY swap!)
so i'm hoping i got them all straight now.  but if not, please be gentle with me. 

also, some peeps sent a variety of charms within a color, so if you don't get the exact same ones pictured, that's why.  but i love what we got!

i sent along some of my favorite vintage charms.  i can't remember if i've ever posted about these before.  i got them at an estate sale, or yard sale, years ago, before i got back into sewing.  a bag filled with literally a thousand or more of these 3 inch charms (or 3 1/2"? can't remember offhand) that were all cut by hand, using paper templates, which were still with the charms.


i add a couple in every swap i do.  my dream is to see all the cool things people have made with them!  so far, i've only seen one project with them in it.  maybe we're the only two people who liked them?  hope not!  (here's a link to another!  woohoo!)but if you do use them, be sure to send me a link so i can check it out!  someday i will figure out a quilt to make with them.  but the thought of sewing all those little squares is a bit daunting. 

i also made everybody in the swap a little rainbow keychain, with this tutorial.  only my circles were way wonky, so i switched to squares and i think they are sweet.   they look like little rainbow raviolis!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

I HAD to read to the end! Now I'm glad I did! Aren't you just too sweet to send extras to everyone? The vintage squares are just lovely and the key chains are darling. Can't wait for George the mailman to come! I'll be sure to let you know when my package arrives.


martilindsey said...

I was I'm rainbow. Thanks for brightening my day with rainbow squares!

Marti in San DIego

Sharon Pernes said...

What a sweetie you are. I am away right now and it will brighten my day when I get home to see the rainbow package.

Sharon said...

I'll be meeting the mailman at the door! So excited to see my rainbows. Thanks so much for the extra goodies.

Mary Anne said...

My charms arrived, safe and sound!

Sara said...

I think I squealed when I got my package and opened it up to find ALL the goodies!!! Love,love,love IT ALL!!!! The key chain is on my keys already. The butterfly pins are on my pincushion caddy. Fabric is on my cutting table. AND all thanks to you for putting this all together!!!!

Life is grand with fabric and blogging friends ----of course;)

Sara said...

I am going to use this pattern. I keep bugging you! Sorry:(

Betsy Lynn said...

So excited my squares today and the wonderful extras! Thank you so much for doing this swap! Came across this quilt-along that would be fun with the squares:
Thanks again and hugs to all the swappers!

Becky said...

I got mine today!! I've already sorted them out to start my pinwheel quilt. Now I hope this motivation stick around to actually do it! Thanks for the extras too, super cute! Keep an eye on my blog, I've done a few things recently and will post any progress on any quilt ASAP.

Celeste said...

Mine arrived on Wednesday the 15th. Thanks so much for the extra goodies and for being such a great hostess.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

What a fun project!


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