Sunday, June 26, 2011

spray paint

i realized after posting about my mug tree/headband holder that i called it a craft.  ha!  spray painting is hardly creative!  well, unless you're one of those guys in mexico who make spray paint art.

you've seen the trend of spraying everything in sight? of course you have.  it's everywhere.

well, i was spraying when spraying wasn't cool.  i've been painting my hand me down furniture since college.  (back in MY day...)  i was painting things flat black many years ago, after seeing a spread in martha stewart where they mentioned it was a good way to unify a bunch of unmatched pieces.  it's gotten to the point that my mom will inform me  "you can have this wood dresser to use - but you MAY NOT paint it."  she didn't say a word when i painted our first born's crib black (but i could see her cringing).  one friend wasn't as kind, and said "the poor thing will look like it's in jail!"  and now look.  it's everywhere.

where was i going with this.  oh yeah - the trend!  something i never thought of was painting vases and mason jars.  i especially love the antique blue jars - and now you can make your own.  

i spray painted a vase yesterday, and i love love love it!  it's krylon island breeze.  i painted the outside, so i could still put water inside.  but be careful, it will scratch off.  talk about instant gratification, i love a quick project!  when we redo the kitchen, i'll collect a bunch of thrift store glass and paint them in aqua, lime, and white to display above my cabinets.  my rustic-chicken-antique stuff will have to find a new home. for now, though, i can't wait for my zinnias to bloom!  they'll look so pretty in my "new" vase!

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Lora said...

so pretty! i love that color.


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