Thursday, June 2, 2011

what to make

all the rainbows are sent off to me - so hopefully by this weekend, i will be mailing them back to you!  hooray!  don't be mad at me, but i already started playing with mine!  i'll be doing some idea posts, and showing you some easy things you can do with all your blocks.

my old standby is half square triangles.  if you've never done them, watch this video - great tips and it shows how easy they are!  (plus, i want the quilt in the background - so bad!)  i paired mine up with solid white 4 inch charms.

so fast when you chain piece them, and you can knock out a pile of them in one sitting.  my kind of sewing!  so i whipped up a couple last night and played around with some layouts.

what do you think?  besides that i need to clean my carpet!  those are shadows, people, not stains.  i promise.

you could also do zig zags, chevrons, pinwheels - it's so much fun and hard to choose!  i like them all!


Becky said...

I'm leaning towards my first pinwheel quilt. Can't wait to get it started!!

ShirleyC said...

Wow! That's cool. I love the combinations.

Chiska said...

What a terrific idea! My favorite is the last picture.

Angie said...

hooray!!! I'll be anxiously watching my mailbox (like I haven't been already...LOL!). Love the HST idea, probably what I will use as well. Can't wait to see all the fabrics!


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