Saturday, June 25, 2011


so i sat out sewmamasew's giveaway day, to give you all a better chance (hee hee)  but the luck continues - and i wanted to share some of my latest loot with you guys!  and of course give a shout out to the generous & fabulous giveaway hosts!

my first prize was from cyndi broadhead & want wickless.  i heard about her giveaway on facebook, and won a complete scentsy warmer system!  yes, seriously!   i love my scensty - especially mochadoodle, mmm.  i chose the casbah warmer, and i'm so glad i did.  it has smaller holes, and makes such a pretty pattern when the light is on.  i tried a few new scents, and i like them all.  flutter, sugar, and pomatini.  my husband didn't care for the pomatini though.  so now i have a warmer upstairs and one downstairs, and i love how it fills the house with fragrance, without overwhelming you. 

side note - if you have small kids - keep this up high.  i have one on top of our armoire, but had the other on our end table.  my three year old dumped some of the liquid wax out - he didn't get burned, but it was a big mess.

so thanks again cyndi - i love it!! 

i also won a prize over at decorchick - have you heard of willow house?  they have amazing home decor items and i seriously want one of everything.  well, i won a $50 visa card from willow house consultant emily fox, and now i can go shopping!  be sure to check out their outlet - i'm loving this.

i can think of a bunch of uses for it, besides tableware.  like in my bathroom to hold my hair dryer and products?  or on my craft table for scissors and stuff?

and since i can't shake the luck, i bought some powerball tickets last week.  alas, no wins. maybe next time...


Skooks said...

Nice! BTW, I think when you sat out it allowed me to make a nice haul. So thanks! ;)

Sara said...

You totally rock!! Great gifts:)


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