Sunday, July 17, 2011

don't toss that!

i don't know about you, but i am always looking for ways to reuse stuff.  especially stuff that we seem to have a lot of.  diaper boxes become boats and kitty houses, and gerber puffs containers make great bowling pins.   at least once a week, i have to tell troy - don't throw that out, i'm going to reuse it!  (he sighs, sets it back on the cluttered counter, and walks away)

so today i thought i'd share with you an idea for storing all those knick knacky toys the kids have.  in this case, view-master reels and dominoes.  i love these puzzles and games, but they usually come with flimsy cardboard storage or none at all! 

you can use what you have, here sawyer eats a lot of the gerber baby snacks, like wagon wheels and veggie puffs.  those fit the view master discs perfectly.  and you can also use nut containers and bread crumb canisters, anything with a snap on plastic lid.  different brands have different color lids, so if you're totally picky you could have a matching set.

so gather your trash, a glue stick, scissors, and scrapbook paper.

cut, glue, and stick.  easy peasy.  it's not rocket science.  and since they are just recycled junk, i don't worry too much if the patterns line up or fit just so.  i have gotten about a year out of them so far.

i used some matching papers, and i stashed these on the shelves under the tv armoire in the living room.  the other shelves hold our wooden puzzles, and a wood box that stores the wii games and accessories.

remember to think outside the box when it comes to containers.  a trip to the thrift store can yield tons of reinvented storage.   i use all kinds of things for planters outside, like old enamelware with rusted out holes, and a beat up chicken feeder.  we feed our pets in dented metal bowls. 

i think it makes our home look comfy and rustic in a good way.  i suppose it's not everyone's aesthetic, but it suits us fine!


Sara said...

I am always doing this too. Love the scrapbook paper idea:)

Chiska said...

My husband sighs when I say that too. We moved last year and I finally let him throw away three kitchen garbage bags of formula containers (the new square ones.....they're so cool looking, they've got to be good for something!) was a weak moment, but really we weren't going to the have the space.

Anonymous said...

I DO THIS!!! well almost this, but with empty cocoa powder tins and as I have no small children I toss that lids and use the tins as pen and pencil holders, (and marker pen holders, and drywipe borad marker holders and highlighter pen holders...)

Anonymous said...

board, not borad!! silly me!


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