Wednesday, July 20, 2011

fly with me!

hi crafty peeps.  guess who's sick again.  strep throat has attacked me with a vengeance.  of course, my hs reunion is this weekend and here it is, wednesday, and i'm still feeling puny.  day 3 of antibiotics so i'm still hoping i'll be better by friday.  i have such a weekend planned, i refuse to cancel!! 

but anyways.  after two days of laying in bed, i've got to make something!  and i've been slacking on my rainbow projects.  today i'm quilting from my laptop.  intrigued?  read on!

here's an idea.  with your 4 inch squares, you could make flying geese!  choose whether you want your rainbows to be the geese or the sky (or both), and then start cutting.

for the geese itself, you need a rectangle 3 1/2" x 2".  so from each 4" charm, you can get 2 geese.  trim off 1/2" on one side, then cut in half the other direction.  pair your rectangle with two, 2" squares of another fabric.  you can get four 2" squares from a 4" charm, so you could make all your geese units from your rainbow!  here's a link to a good how-to explanation.

want to play with the layout without making your geese first?  have you ever tried quiltivate?  it's completely addicting - don't blame me when you lose an hour or two of your day!  here's one layout done in red and aqua.

this would take 24 charms in red, and 24 charms in aqua.  along with some white for sashing.  it would make a small doll quilt, approx. 18" x 20".

here's another, done with white skies and 8 colors from our rainbows.

looks fancy, don't it?!  the truth is, this example could be done up with only 8 charms in each color.  it's true!  each finished geese unit should be 1 1/2" x 3", so it would only be about 24" x 24", but wouldn't it make a sweet doll quilt? i ran upstairs and made this strip - easy peasy.  i've been meaning to try flying geese for awhile, and i think i will keep playing with this quilt idea.

if you decide to make this, let me know and be sure to share a link!  and have fun playing at quiltivate!

update - i just found another 4 inch friendly block over at ellison lane quilts - it's rainbow!!  go take a look!

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Mary Grace McNamara said...

Ugh! I sure hope you feel better soon! Great ideas for the rainbow squares! I am on vacation now and my machine is in the shop while I'm gone, so I'm very anxious to get back and finish piecing my blocks. Such a nice variety of patterns and fabrics from everyone!



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