Saturday, July 30, 2011

i'm back!

long time to see!  what a crazy couple of weeks it's been.  this summer has tried to do me in.

two bouts with strep throat, one wheezing allergic reaction, one crazy 20 yr. high school reunion weekend (4 am, anyone?) reminding me i'm too old for that sh*t, and now, one brown recluse spider bite.  i got bit wednesday morning and am finally showing signs of improvement.  (for more graphic details, like gross pics, you can go here) it's really cutting into my crafting time, so i'm beginning to feel a little twitchy.

so, what do you do to stop that twitch?  find a simple project and dive in!  i had a baby shower to go to this afternoon, so i used the tute at homemade by jill to make a set of burp cloths this morning.  these are so soft and quick, and a great flannel stash buster.  and she liked them, always a plus!

before i left for my reunion weekend, i wanted to do something special for the kids.  so i drew them a huge chalk maze outside on our driveway and sidewalk and patio.  and emma's been very into her dolls lately, so i finished the pink doll coin quilt i started a few weeks back.  i did some wavy lines that i liked a lot.  while we were at it, we recovered her doll crib mattress with some batting and aqua linen that she picked out.  little things, but it made me feel better about leaving them. 

while i was in wichita, i stayed with my bestie from high school, aimee.  isn't she gorgeous?! she's also a fabulous knitter and seamstress, but hasn't been doing much crafting lately.  she started running, and you know how those crazy runners get. ;)

anyways, we visited the material girls quilt shoppe, and it was beautiful!!  full of delicious fabrics!  i picked up some awesome FQ for an ISpy swap i'm in,

and a couple yards of clearance moda for my stash. 

and it was my lucky day, they were celebrating their one year birthday, so they gave me a charm pack at the checkout!  bonus!

the goodies continued, because aimee destashed some awesome michael miller fabrics to me.  she had bought it to do her boys' rooms in, but they're older now and didn't want it anymore.  score!  there's so much of it too!  she also sent me home with a couple of littlest pet shop playsets, and an entire box of kids books.  it was like christmas when i got home!  thanks so much aimee!

the only other thing i've been working on is my do good stitches blocks for july.  this will be a great quilt, she's calling it citrus sails!  also, i finally hung a flannel backed tablecloth for a design wall - thanks for the advice!  it works great!


Sara said...

I never went to my 10 yr reunion. Too far away in WI.

Great fabric purchases and good to hear you hung up your flannel table cloth. Sooo handy.

Hope you feel better soon! We have had fire ant bites around here. Southern thing.

Lauranie said...

20 yr reunions are fun...thankfully they only come around every 20 yrs!! HA!! Sorry about the spider bite..ouch!! My cousin's wife got one this summer too. She had to get it lasered and irrigated THREE times..UGH!! What an awesome friend you have...lots of goodies!! xo

aimee said...

I'm excited to see what you do with that fabric :) I bought enough to do quilts and curtains and then just never got to it. I'm still looking for the panels!

So glad you came up for the weekend! I know you missed your family, but it was fun to have you here!


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