Thursday, July 7, 2011

warning - pathetic attempt at family photo follows

(not really pathetic, just kidding!)
hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!  we had a great time!

best of all of them :)

we went to my family reunion in Spirit Lake, IA.  my dad is from Estherville, so every 4th they try to get the entire family together at the Sandbar.  there were 14 kids in my dad's family, so it's rare that everyone makes it back!  this year both of my brothers were there with their families, so it was a great visit.

my "little" brother travis
 swimming, boat rides, fireworks, beer, and brats - what could be better?!

the apple pie booze was a huge hit - i wish i'd brought more of it!  next time...

the tees i stenciled for the boys turned out so fun!  on the drive up, i did some embellishing with black embroidery floss on two of them.

but then, when alex was splashing in the lake, the paint started to bleed!  i used some paints left over from something else - they weren't marked but i mistakenly assumed they were acrylics.  and since i've used folk art acrylics before on a tee shirt, and washed it with no problem, i thought these would work the same.  nope!   craft fail!!

and now i'm totally bummed.  kcmqg is at jacquie's house this weekend, a potluck get together.  and just across lake perry from my old house.  i was so looking forward to visiting with like minded fabric lovers, and honestly?  i wanted to sneak a peek at my old place.   i still dream about that house.  we put so much sweat and tears into it, and i miss it still.  even though our new place is pretty sweet, isn't that funny?  and i was planning to meet nikki at sarah's fabrics in lawrence - an all around excellent day.

but hubby has to work overtime all weekend, and he's not one to pass up the overtime (it's mucho dinero).  and i can't find a sitter for the kids.  and no, i'm not bringing all four of them along.  it's a "quilty day in the country" not a "noisy, rowdy, get into everything, lose my mind in front of others day in the country."  do you know how hard it is to find a sitter for three kids ages 6, 5, and 3?!  normally i'd call in the grandparents, but one grandma is sick and my mom & dad stayed in iowa, and won't be home til that afternoon.  i even put the call out on facebook but so far nothing solid.

so yeah, a bit depressed.  partly because of the above - partly because i'm tired and still not caught up from the vacation - partly because i've been spending too much time yelling at my kids and not enough enjoying them.  summer's half over and i feel like i haven't done anything to make it fun for them.  i mean, yes, we've done stuff.  but i've been awful grouchy and i don't even like me.  so if i'm absent for a few days, just know i'm blowing bubbles and painting with watercolors and all that other stuff these little ones deserve.  because they are growing up waaaaaay too fast and i'm tearing up just thinking about it. 

do you know sawyer will be one in august?!  sniff.


Sara said...

I would watch your kiddos if I was closer!! Or we could have gotten together to sew:):)

Your kids are darling:p

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Sounds like a fun family time, and your pictures are great! You have a beautiful family!


Lauranie said...

These pictures are great!! LOVE the one with your daughter...sweet!! I am really guilty of secretly counting down days to the first day of that sooooo wrong??! teehee!! But we have been enjoying our summer being lazy and just hanging out, when I am not running back and forth to my folks almost 2 hrs away...GAH!! And yes it IS impossible to find babysitters, and take kids into HL, and to try to have ANY time for yourself...especially during the summer!! Oh, and I am also praying for the day that I can pee in PEACE!! :D xo


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