Monday, July 11, 2011

woodworking 101

is what i need to take, and soon!

i want to tackle this huge project, i've been saving it for awhile and i'm getting the urge to just jump in.

wow - it looks bad! 
this bedroom set belonged to troy's grandparents on his mom's side - the same grandma marie whose fabric stash i inherited.  troy's mom had it sitting in her shed for over a year, before i finally asked to have it.  troy grumbled a bit, he isn't a big fan of project furniture - but then i usually say i'll just go to nebraska furniture mart and buy new - that quiets him down! hahaha!

anyways - she still has the headboard in her shed, i'll get it one of these days.  but for now - how on earth do i restore these lovelies?  i believe these are 1930's art deco waterfall pieces.  just from a quick google search.  not especially valuable, but real wood, and i like the pulls and striped diamond design on the veneer.

so my question is, if i sand or strip the finish, will the stripes come off?  how thick is a veneer anyways?  i'd love to just sand it, and put a clear coat on, the color of the wood is fine.  but it's got some definite wear, scratches, and cracking.  the vanity is much worse than the dresser, but they both need help.  i even used liquid gold on them, a while back, but they are pretty dried out and crackly.

i know it would be adorable painted, but i'd like to keep the wood if possible.  you don't know how many times i've *almost* painted this!  but, we already have a lot of painted furniture.  not pictured is another smaller 4 drawer dresser (from craigslist), that's been painted black.  i'd like to strip it and match it to the other two pieces. 

so, any of my crafty peeps know what i should do?  i'd appreciate any and all advice on the subject, because i can't seem to find it anywhere!  thanks bunches!


Nikki said...

I have a trunk that was all scratched up. Got it at a garage sale.

My mom stripped it (I think), sanded it and then rubbed tongue oil on it. Looks SO nice now.

I can ask for more details if you want... She's done that sort of thing before...

Lauranie said...

I am by far no expert...but as long as the veneer is wood you should be able to restore it. I know my husband likes Lindseed (sp?) Oil, but there are all kinds of wood conditioners you can get to use to "soften" the wood and maybe get some of the cracks out. Good is a beautiful set! :)

Nikki McDonald said...

Have you tackled these yet? Can't wait to see.


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