Saturday, August 20, 2011

call to action!

i've been a member of the do. good stitches flickr bee for a couple of months now.  i'm in the inspire group, but love seeing what the other groups make.   natalie in the hope group planned a fun I-Spy quilt using AMH's joseph's square in a square block, and she had so much interest in it she's organized a block drive benefitting her local NICU!  if you would like to donate a block or two (or more!), please go read what you can do to help!   i have a bunch of 5 inch novelty squares, i will have to try to make one.

here's one of my august blocks for the inspire group:

4 monochromatic shades is proving more difficult than i thought.  most of my stash fabrics have several colors in them.  the only way i was able to do this block was by using the back side of the two darker fabrics to make the lighter.  it works, though.  they look like shot cotton.

what are you working on?

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Natalie said...

thanks so much for the rainbow i spy shout out! I just posted the first finished top so check it out on flickr or my blog ;)


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