Thursday, August 18, 2011

cleanin' out my closet

i've been super busy with a "spring into fall" cleaning frenzy.  one load of toys and clothes donated, one load of books donated, and next is a trip to recycling.  the pantry is looking fab, so are the closets!  and we rearranged some furniture to prepare for the bedroom remodel - so our master bedroom finally feels put together.  but i still have piles of things to sort through, and some shelf paper to put down.

after my spider bite, it seemed important to give everything a good top to bottom wipe down.  i haven't found many spiders (3 so far), definitely not what i thought i might!  (we watch a little too much billy the exterminator around here - alex's fave show! - and i had nightmares of an entire brown recluse village lurking around)  thank goodness because i'm a little skittish of spiders right now.  the bite is still healing, but getting better! 

during my cleaning, i pulled out a storage bag under the guest bed with three quilts inside!  i got them washed up and they are ready for their new home in the linen closet, but first, show and tell.

this one is a quilt my dad's mom, grandma neppl gave me.  she also made a matching quilt in blue, which she gave to my cousin stephanie.   the blue quilt won a ribbon at the fair, if i remember right.

the hand quilting is amazing.  i am terrible at HQ and can't make my stitches the same size.  so i may be easily impressed ;)

the second is stunning, in a different way.  this quilt was given to troy and i for our wedding 2002.  it was made by the same person, grandma neppl.

i was really dismayed at the condition of the quilt.  the construction is sloppily done, and the binding, besides being a poor color match, is very messily added.  there is even a hole in one of the seams, apparently missed all together while stitching. the needlework must have been done previously, as it's skillfully crafted. all those french knots!

bear with me - i'm so not criticizing - just commenting on the difference between the two quilts.  and that is so stinking sad and awesome at the same time.

because when i'm in my eighties, i hope i'm still pushing the pedal on the sewing machine.  even if the end result is less than stellar, she was still creating!   that's how i want to be, give 'em hell long as i'm breathin', keep kickin' ass in the mornin', an' takin' names in the evening.

and now i have watched first hand my 92 year old nana have to give up crafting, and it's really hard for her. i get a real sense of "time ran out on my crafty to-do list" talking to her.  she's saddened by the things she'll never get made.  so i will take apart the quilt, and reset the blocks in a manner that does them justice and honor, blue ribbon worthy.


ok, enough deep thoughts, let me leave you with the third quilt.  this one is simply yummy.  i'll have to get the history from my mom again, but i think my grandma lawson made it, and it's all knit fabric.  it's so amazing to snuggle with, and the colors are perfect!  the tying was a good choice for this quilt, since it gives it the ability to stretch with the knits.  i need to patch it in a few spots, but seriously, i'm considering only making quilts with knits from now on.  they feel that good.


Sharon said...

What a wonderful legacy you have in those quilts!

Sara said...

I think we can totally sympathize with your Grandma that is 92. So my friend we have to sew our little hearts out til then!!!

I love all of those quilts. I have one that my Grandma did,but it is bright pink and satin! ;) I have nowhere to display it that will not drown the room out-ha! That sounds horrible I know. I will have to think of something. There are hand embroidered sketches of each of my aunts and uncles and my mom. Really something to look at too.

ShirleyC said...

My mom made all of the grands a really nice quilt before she lost her eyesight from mascular degeneration. Even though she was legally blind, she kept trying to piece and quilt quilts. We never told her how bad those last few looked because at 85 she had to have something to do.
I know both of those quilts are very special to you.

craftytammie said...

sara, at the rate i'm adding to my crafty to-do list, i will have to start sewing now and not stop until i'm 90!! :) you need to post a pic of your pink satin quilt, i'm intrigued...


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