Monday, August 22, 2011


i just finished piecing my synchronized squares quilt top!  i'm a little behind on the quilt along (snort!), but a little ahead on my holiday decor.

i had planned to back this with some red and black plaid flannel from granny marie's stash, without any batting, just tying it.  now, i'm thinking it will be too heavy with flannel.  the extra layer of fabric makes it weighty already.

instead of layer cakes like the pattern suggests, i used a bunch of 4" and 5" charms from  swaps i've done.  i did mess up a few times and got my squares flipped or mixed up during sewing.  i am sort of *particular* about the same fabrics being next to one another - so i ripped out some stitches to fix it.

i can't wait to finish and wash it though, and see the edges fray and curl on the squares!

now i'm going to veg on the couch, under my quilt top, and watch mad men.  it's new to netflix and i'm hooked.


Sara said...

I love this quilt with the red in there! I am picky about same color blocks butting heads too. Sometimes I will pick at it and other times I try to forget about it. If it is not too noticeable!

The last pic is a really cute pic of you with your "snuggly!!"

Nikki said...

Very pretty! :) I haven't started much on Christmas, but I suppose I'd better get organized. I think I"m going to buy a bunch of heating pads and make patchwork covers for them all. Will give them as couples gifts & call it good.

I also have 2 or 3 quilts that I want to quilt for my boys. Just need to baste them & get busy. My least favorite part.

Might have time to make something for myself too for Christmas if I hurry!

Sharon said...

Very nice quilt top and I LOVE Mad Men! Since season 5 won't start until Feb., I hear, I've re-watched the first 4 seasons. I almost don't mind hand sewing binding while I have MM to keep me company.

Sandy said...

I'm a new quilter, so am confused by statement that the edges will fray. This doesn't look like a rag quilt, which is the only one I know that frays. What is this type of quilt? Thanks so much. (By the way, it is beautiful!)


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