Tuesday, August 30, 2011

free motion quilting

finally, i figured it out!  i've tried several times to free motion quilt on my brother machine - and since i've never done it before, didn't know if the problem was me, my machine, or both.  every time i tried, i ended up with snarls of thread on the backside - and you know me, if things aren't going well, i toss it aside.

turns out, i need to leave my feed dogs uncovered.  who knew?  and i still need lots of practice to get a smooth line, but i am so excited!! 

and i need lots of practice!  some of my muslin backing bunched up.  maybe i should have spray basted it?  i didn't do much pinning, because i can't walk and chew gum at the same time and i was focusing on quilting - figured i'd run over a pin and break my needle. 

i'm planning to practice on some mini quilts - mug rugs, doll quilts, whatever you want to call them.  anyone have any tips for me?  do i need the non slip gloves?  i think i'll be spending a lot of time with leah day.  it'll be awhile before i'm ready to try it on an actual quilt.

not much else going on around here.  zach starts preschool this week.  i appliqued a superman logo onto a tee, and i'd like to make him another pair of shorts.  he's already outgrowing the sponge bob ones i made him earlier in the summer.  and i'm working on piecing the back for emma's rail fence quilt.  i'm going to take it to a real quilter - first time ever!  the top's been done for what, 2 years now?  i'm trying out the happy crafters in osawatomie ks.  i'm thinking about either the ruffles or cotton candy pattern.

have a great labor day weekend!


Sharon said...

Isn't Leah's quilting amazing? I can always get inspiration from her.

liz said...

Isn't is exciting when you get it going? Good luck with the learning curve!

Sara said...

Flirtatious and Winding Plume are calling my name! They seem to have reasonable prices!!

Quilting help---practice,practice. I use the non slip gloves and they help me. medium speed is good and don't jerk your top around too much. It can cause long stitches. Guilty of that sometimes!

Lauranie said...

ooooh free-motion envy going on over here!! Good for you for taking that plunge...me? someday...maybe!!


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