Tuesday, August 23, 2011

grab a tissue

andrea, one of the gals in the fabulous kcmqg,  recently became a nurse at st. luke's hospital.  during rounds at the hospital, she was struck by the tiny fetal demise bags.  they were scratchy and plain.  i had never realized they even existed, but once it was explained, it made me (and several others) tear up.  basically, when mothers go into premature labor and their babies are stillborn, these pouches are used. because these babies are super tiny, there's no clothing that will possibly fit their small, fragile bodies. the pouches are put on the babies so their families can hold them and spend time with them without them being naked or uncovered.  (definition by amber h.) andrea thought we could make something so much more beautiful and special for the families that were hurting.

so she brought it to jacquie, who agreed it would be an excellent charity project for the guild.  they contacted anna maria horner and free spirit fabrics and they graciously donated beautiful fabrics for the guild to use.  alex created a pattern for us to use, and several guild members got together and created little kits for us to take.  thanks to everyone for all the work they've put into this project.

image, pouch, and pattern by teaginnydesigns

i finally was able to attend a meeting this month, and brought home two kits to sew.  i am waiting for a moment when i am alone and able to focus all my attention to sew, i think those wee babies deserve that.  once again, i realize how enormously blessed and lucky i am to have four healthy children in my life. 

if you or your guild wants to help, you can read more about the project here and here and also get the pdf pattern alex created.  last i heard, st. luke's hospital wanted to expand this to include other kc area hospitals. thanks again to everyone involved in making this happen. 


Marci Girl said...

What a great thing you are doing! I am actually surprised that that certain hospital didn't have a program already, I know there are several really LARGE organizations that do just this, plus make stuff for really premature babies. A great one for example is Threads of Love! I know there are lots more in existence already too!

~Crazy 4 Daizies~ said...

~I had a premature, stillborn son and I wish I'd had something this beautiful and thoughtful to wrap him in. As I prepared for the possibility of losing another son so early on it made me prepare by crocheting a tiny burial gown/pouch for him. Bennett-Chadlen never did use it as he was full-term + 2 days at birth, but passed away in the NICU at 8 days of age. I have a charity which helps parents with babies in the NICU, or that pass away shortly following birth, and have wanted to extend my blessings with these items as the local funeral director had told me that items such as this are very hard to come by and many tiny babies are buried in whatever can be found to wrap them in. Thanks so much for this post. I will be looking into finding others that can help me by making some of these for distribution to our local hospital and funeral home so babies like my Noah can be wrapped up in love for all eternity.

Love, Peace, & Nimkee-Blessings,


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